MVFFootball league Bexhill what has happened?



Hi Everyone,

I signed up to the Bexhill league, started season 3. I thought this was great, met the coach formerly Paul, who was an amazing coach, made you fit in straight away (sadly not with MVF anymore). Started off great, met some great people and enjoyed the football and weight loss. Mid way season the league went into Kaos, lack of coach, lack of support from MVF, a mass amount of regulars left, who all felt they were not getting what they were paying for. There was no support on weight loss. The teams whittled down to 6 from 8, as the league appears to over stretched the teams. So towards the end we were down to 6 which was barely enough to fill at least 4 of them. Sadly week after week it has been disorganised and very infuriating as the fixtures were being ignored, and it was very much hopefully you will get a game. The league for so bad, that people were playing without weighing in so they can souley play a game of football. Through my season I’ve seen 60% leave since joining just through one season due to this, and it’s such a shame as the concept of MVF is great, but it’s just a concept at this stage, it needs to be ran and maintained to a good standard in which I believe it has failed.

Sadly the Bexhill league once successful has descended into a failure, and there is nobody who wishes to save the Bexhill league from MVF, which is what everybody was shouting out for, numerous emails no faces l, no support, it’s a cancelled contract I’m afraid.

I would like to say to all the Bexhill players it’s been a pleasure meeting you all.

All the best


This was a brilliant league but has descended into farce since the last coach was forced out.
It’s now disorganised with no support from anyone.
Players leaving in their droves and total silence from MvF who just want your money.
A real shame as was fantastic concept and first two seasons were great.
Have tried to feedback and contact MvF several times but they don’t respond.
League on its knees now and will not survive


Real shame, last week was bad, but after meeting the new coach and having a chat, im hopeful this can carry on, been my 1st season, and i’ve loved every minute of it, all the guy’s are fantastic, great banter, and I love our what’s app group, hoping to finish the season as top scorer in the weight loss department, well done everybody