MVFIA Cool Fridge - Look - Even a two man team loses lots of weight!

Welcome to the MVFIA Cool Fridge, yep you know you want your team on it (this replaces the old spreadsheet for sharing cool data).


Super impressed with the graphics - way better than Top Gear :+1:

Even more impressed as my original MVFIA team is in 2nd place - which means Team Endgame has to come 1st now of course

Competition is the best goal :grin:

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Top gear, what’s that? Certainly was not my inspiration for the magnetic scoreboard fridge :wink:

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Love the graphic any chance we can keep it at the top of everyone lists so we can see where we fit in to everyone else.

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I’ll just replace my post at the top any time the board is updated

That’s ace! Do you think it would be worth putting a top three of individual performances on there or is this just the team stats?

I’ve gone with team since I think that is the big thing for this, I could easily add some more to it later as the data grows to mix it up, show differing bits of data etc

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That’s mega. When I’m back from the land of the wifi-less I’ve got some ideas about promoting the MVFIA groups and this could be a really big help. Thanks again for being the boss of the spreadsheets, they bring me out in hives.

Team Phil are on the fridge, well done @Bob, @Iwan, @philrdg

Stellar effort, 9.7lbs lost on average each in the 30 day challenge.



Well done to Team Jamie.

@Jamie_Loft @Nearlythere1

Pulling through a five man team is great and will give you a great fridge position, but pulling through as a two man team is harder. Sometimes it is about crossing the line, and they both crossed it and lost weight.


Team Endgame reached the end!

Four people completed - @dolmandarrall (myself), @rich, @jc247always, @CRS1965.

Another 18lbs lost to adipose heaven. Having been in the successful team Andy, and the also the lower down the ranks Team Endgame. In all honesty I have really enjoyed being in both groups. Lots of focus, and though we had more wobbles in Endgame, really felt the team pulling through in the end.


Love the fridge - brilliant idea, brilliant graphic, brilliantly executed. Gold star to all concerned.

Five man team quantum completes!

@admin, @falco, @GunslingerSJ, @howmanymiles, @thatsitivehadit managed a five man finish. Absolutely well done to them. And in the latest batch they shove ahead of Team EndGame.

Still waiting on results from two MVFIA teams. Also @GunslingerSJ, private you exact start, finish weight for this Team Quantum to me at some point. Cheers Paul


Haha! The shame being that I’m the only one who gained! I’m probably supposed to know better…

First person ever to gain weight on MVFIA ever (though I did not penalise the team), since you did still complete. And in a way, that matters more.

At least we are all staying honest on here. That’s what makes the MVFIA groups work.

Team Exergy Cross The Line

Well done to @Smitty who lost the third highest weight in MVFIA so far. And ably assisted by @Bear and a second run by @AlanManley

More weight lost in Team Chimera.

Well done @Jaxom, @graysie, @ilpirata