MVFIA Stats Update - Loss of 1 Tonne!


Good Morning All,
As you will all know I have been building stats on the MVFIA groups and would like to give you a quarterly update on them. This is quite a special update in the fact we have now just gone over the total weight loss figure of 1 tonne!

That is correct between all the guys we have lost just over a total of 1000kg between us. 1 Tonne / Metric Ton! That is the equivalent of a Wild Boar, A Bull Shark or just one of a Right Whales testicles!

I think this is an amazing achievement and everyone should be proud that they have been part of it!

A total of 89 Teams have completed the full 30 days - (+24 in last 3 months)
6 teams are currently in progress and will be completed by 8th June
Total of 314 people have completed the full 30 days - (+102 in last 3 months)

Total Weight Loss of: 2226.4lbs / 1012KG / 111 Stone 6.4lbs dependant on how you look at it.
- (Loss of 666lb / 304.2KG / 48Stone 6.4lbs in last 3 months)
Average of 25lbs lost per group - 7.1lb per individual equating to 2.93% loss of body weight of those who completed the 30 days.

Top 5 MVFIA Teams Weight Loss:
BLOCK 61.3lbs Lost NEW
APPLE 60.1lbs Lost
DEBUG 59.4lbs Lost NEW
ANDY 55lbs Lost
REESE 52.2lbs Lost

Top 5 MVFIA Teams Weight Loss Percentage:
INTRO - 6.49%
TRAIL - 5.69%
ANDY - 5.64%
BLOCK - 5.63% NEW
APPLE - 5.57%

Click Here to view Spreadsheet

Please note: If I have got something wrong please let me know and I can update the spreadsheet I have tried to capture the details as accurately as possible from the information given in the weigh in topics or what’s been given to me.


Need help getting started!

That’s absolutely awesome. although I’m not quite sure which is more mindboggling, the amount we’ve lost, or just how much a Right Whale is packing…

Big congrats to all :slight_smile:


Holy smokes! That’s amazing! Quite and achievement to say the least.

As for the whale thing… @mikechristopher I’m worried…why do you know these things?!


This is awesome! Congratulations to everyone who’s helped contribute to those stats you’re all amazing losers!!

Kudos to @mikechristopher for taking the time to compile the data, it must have been hard to find the time between weighing those whales.


@Big_Fella @Behind_Beard
I owe it all to my amazing teacher. He keeps me knowledgeable in all things random and completes random weighing so I don’t have to get my hands messy nor die trying. Big thank you goes out to the one and only - Mr Google!

N.B For all animal welfare people - No Whales were hurt in the process of the testicle weigh in


Amazing work.

So you think you can pull together some individual stats? Would be interesting to see who has benefited the most and get them to share some of their best practices


I could be there a while trying to pull individual info out of it to be honest unless anyone can provide me with some assistance on how to automate an individual spreadsheet out of it. Im sure it can be done using vlookups etc

Its difficult as most of the guys have been in multiple groups wo without pulling the data manually for each individual I wouldnt know what would be the best way of doing it.


You just need a vlookup or sumif, shouldn’t be too difficult looking at how the tables set up in one of the other tabs.


I’m open to any assistance with it @Andy_Gallon :slight_smile:
Depends on what information would be wanted on there. I can give you access to it or a copy to play with it should you require as first point if your able to help


Don’t want to step on your toes @Andy_Gallon, but if you don’t have the time or whatever, I should be able to help extract some individual stats from the spreadsheet…


Interesting stuff, as others have said there’s more data to be got if someone has the skills, time and inclination.

I think from the point of view of attracting people to the groups it would be useful to know.

What percentage of people stick with it through the full 30 days.
What percentage of people achieve weight loss.
What percentage achieved their target weight loss.

I don’t know what contacts @admin has in the the world of diet and nutrition but it looks like a dataset which others might be interested in.


The first two would be possible. The last one however would be difficult to obtain as not every participant of the groups have given a target weight for the group


On a related note I think it’s right that we praise individuals who achieve great results. However I do wonder at the use of amazing, biggest, quickest losers as role models. In some ways they represent something that is unacheivable by the majority.

I’m not saying we can’t all achieve target weight, I’m just saying that not everyone who does achieved it will do so in an amazing way. For many it will be a slow process. Statistics on the slow steady losers, the stalkers the people who fail but come back might be helpful.


It’s true some of us would dissapier in a cloud of smoke if we lost the same amount of weight that some guys have lost. But the fact remains that every pound lost is done the same way. Dedication, perseverance and re-education of their eating habits. Their losses might have been large in the first month or so, but when they get down to 100kg their weekly losses slow down too. By 80 to 90kg they are losing 1 to 2lbs a week at most.

I will personaly never be an amazing looser, by definition of the total amount I wish to lose, but every time I get told by a friend, how good I look due to having lost two and a half stone, I feel amazingly happy inside.


I’d say that the amazing, biggest losers etc are motivators. Yes, the majority might never get that kind of an tag, but its great to know what others are doing and how they are doing it. You can always pick something up form there stories and achievements.

Anything anyone can do to convert the lurkers and the stalkers, that’s worth having a look at. I lurked for a wee while and the @Jaxom told me about his reward chart…and I was persuaded!


For those who say that they cannot be amazing losers I think your wrong :sunglasses:

There is no set weight on who can and can’t be an amazing loser it’s more about the journey than the figure. It’s all about sharing that journey and helping others along the way also.


@Adrian when you say the use of the Amazing Losers do you mean profiling them on the site? Because we definitely don’t focus just on the 100lb+ losers, we profile people from every background and weight loss. In the book we had a guy who lost 14lbs, but gained a load of lean mass. In short, I agree - we need to celebrate everyone who feels that they’re an Amazing Loser. Likewise we don’t say that guys have to be a healthy BMI to be an Amazing Loser, it’s when they feel that they’ve reached their goal.


Sorry, I don’t think I expressed my thoughts very well in my post yesterday and now I’m on a computer rather than phone I’m not sure I can do much better. My comments weren’t intended to be specific to the ManvFat website. To be honest I haven’t looked at too many of them. though just a quick look now. Some thoughts below which may help or not:

  1. Couldn’t seem to find a link from the forum page back to the main ManvFat website. I like the clean add free look of the forum and don’t need to go back to the main site much but if you want traffic to go both ways it would be useful to have a link.

  2. I think examples of people who loose are good motivators for people to start a weight loss journey. They can inspire, motivate, inform etc.

  3. Examples are also good for people who are part way down their journey when they need further/different motivation.

  4. My own personal experience is that some of these examples can at time be depressing rather than motivating. I’m not getting in to any specific examples but I think I’d classify them into two types which depress me:

The ones where people have got themselves into really bad diets and all they have to do is do something normal. People talk about how they stopped eating 4000, 5000 or 6000 calories a day and cut down to 2000 and then lost three pounds a week. People who regularly bought double takeaway meals or had a McDonalds before going home for dinner, etc gave that up and hey presto they lost weight. I’m not doubting the effort that these people have put in to straighten out their diet. Nor am I saying that their examples won’t work for other people in a similar position. I’m just saying that my journey is different and their examples don’t help me. They’ve probably had the same psychological battles as me but they haven’t had the same physiological ones.
The ones where people have achieved it using methods which to me appear unsustainable (even for them) and are totally impractical for me. Good luck to those who can exercise for 2+ hours per day and/or eat exactly the same food each day for a year. If it works for them that’s great but in my lower moments I look at people like that and think: “Is that what I have to do? - thats depressing”

  1. I also get a bit sniffy about the examples quoted as being successful when people haven’t actually finished their journey. Usually set up to plug some particular diet, product or process.

  2. It might be nice to have examples categorized in a bit more detail so that people look at the right ones which suit them at the right time.

Apologies for the long post, happy for people to disagree with me, its just the way I feel and we are all different.

Lastly I’m very grateful to anyone who stands up and allows themselves to be an example, I’m grateful that the forum and the site is here.


I think sometimes there are some cases where people are using their weight loss journey simply to promote a brand or product (I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been approached by Herbalife “wellness coaches”). But I certainly think that documenting an ongoing journey can be beneficial to the person going through that transformation and for others they may motivate.

I’m in this position myself; I’m documenting my weight loss and sharing it publicly. I’d say that what I’m doing is “successful” because I’ve seen consistent weight loss results for the two months that I’ve been doing what I’m doing.

I understand what you’re saying about there being a relatable source of motivation/inspiration/advice, but it’s hard to provide generalised feedback, because each person’s journey is unique.


All good points Adrian and I think there are things that we can change, not least improving the links between the main site and the forum - we’re currently redesigning the main site and that’s a large part of what we’re looking to do - but it’s worth thinking about it from the other way around.

Worth having a look at this page - which contains some of the stuff that you’re after. I think we need to push this page more.