MVFIA Stats Update - Loss of 1 Tonne!


Go for it mate, I’m a little all over the place with work this week.


@mikechristopher Are you able to send me a copy of the spreadsheet?


Its all on google sheets mate - if you go to the link above, Then file, make a copy and have a play around with it.

Once you have done drop me a message with your gmail address and can give you edit access to that sheet.

Thanks :slight_smile:


This is amazing - this should be made into an infographic!

Well done to everyone.


Number of people started 574
Number of people finished 321

People Started / Completed 55.92%


I suppose the finishers also contains a number of repeat dieters who are more likely to stay on. So I’m guessing the sticking power of first timers is <50%. Not as good as a lot of formal programmes, but probably really good for something that does not require someone to commit any kind of resource at the start.


I think its a good rate for something that costs nothing - apart from time and money for the site to be ran but costs the end user or government nothing. Its difficult to say what the figures of new users would be out of that to be honest but understand what you are saying. Its all about the buy in - if you don’t buy into it and want it to work for you - we cant force you or it to work


My Bad that was incorrect. I was also including the people currently in a group but not finished it yet.

Figures amended.
Number of people started 518 Number of people finished 321

People Started / Completed 61.97%