MVFIA Stats Update


Good Morning All,
So its been two months since I gave my last update when we managed to hit 1 Tonne of lost weight! Groups have been running thick and fast with some amazing losses being recorded.

A total of 104 Teams have completed the full 30 days - (+15 in last 2 months)
7 teams are currently in progress and will be completed by 15th August
Total of 393 people have completed the full 30 days - (+72 in last 2 months)

Total Weight Loss of: 2636.9lbs / 1198.6KG / 188 Stone 5lbs dependant on how you look at it.
- (Loss of 410.5lb / 186.6KG / 29 Stone 1lb in last 2 months)
Average of 25.4lbs lost per group - 6.7lb per individual equating to 2.78% loss of body weight of those who completed the 30 days.

Top 5 MVFIA Teams Weight Loss:
BLOCK 61.3lbs Lost
APPLE 60.1lbs Lost
DEBUG 59.4lbs Lost
CABLE #1 57lbs Lost NEW
ANDY 55lbs Lost

Top 5 MVFIA Teams Weight Loss Percentage:
INTRO - 6.49%
TRAIL - 5.69%
ANDY - 5.64%
BLOCK - 5.63%
APPLE - 5.57%

Click Here to view Spreadsheet

Please note: If I have got something wrong please let me know and I can update the spreadsheet I have tried to capture the details as accurately as possible from the information given in the weigh in topics or what’s been given to me.



@CABLE - Great work guys. In at #4 on our first group!!


Great work everyone :grin:


Looking back at the teams that I’ve been on, the variation is astonishing. One very nearly made the top 5, but another showed a very modest loss indeed.

It does show that at least 19 out of 20 teams lose at least something overall. And that for the majority, the result is very good indeed.

But it also highlights the need to “stick with it”. It’s so frustrating to lose team members after a week because they didn’t achieve heroic weight reductions straight away.


This is amazing! Well done to all the teams and people who stuck with it.

I am currently hooked on MVFIA I have to say, I’d recommend it to literally anyone.