Afternoon All,
As some of you will know I have been trying to build together some stats for the MVFIA 30 day groups and pleased to give you a run down of those below.

A total of 65 Teams have completed the full 30 days
9 teams are currently in progress and will be completed by 13th March
Total of 212 people have completed the full 30 days

Total Weight Loss of: 1560.4lbs / 707.8KG / 111 Stone 6.4lbs dependant on how you look at it.
Average of 24lbs lost per group - 7.4lb per individual equating to 2.77% loss of body weight of those who completed the 30 days.

Top 5 MVFIA Teams Weight Loss:
APPLE 60.1lbs Lost
ANDY 55lbs Lost
REESE 52.2lbs Lost
GREAT 50.4lbs Lost
STEVE 50lbs Lost

Top 5 MVFIA Teams Weight Loss Percentage:
INTRO - 6.49%
TRAIL - 5.69%
ANDY - 5.64%
APPLE - 5.57%
FAITH - 5.53%

Special shout out to the 3 teams that only finished with 1 person but they soldiered on until the end - Teams INTRO, FIELD & SWEET

Click Here to view Spreadsheet

Please note: If I have got something wrong please let me know and I can update the spreadsheet I have tried to capture the details as accurately as possible.



Now then. Great work, but I reckon there were 3 of us finished SWEET?


Top job Mike - you really should actually do SOME work while you’re at work :wink:


@ilpirata - I could only see the stats for 1 person in the group - happy to update them if someone has them by any chance.

@bignorthernlad - Its not all done at work :wink: I do however get some work done in between popping on MVFIA :laughing:


Huh. Looks as though you’re right. 3 finished but only one lot of stats?! Omnishambles on my part, sorry :slight_smile:


@mikechristopher - Great work Mike. Keep it up!