MVFIA weight round up

So with any luck, you should be able to edit this and add your data in. If you’d rather not have your weight visible then feel free to take yours out, it’s more for the statsnerds cough @DolmanDarrall uncough and to give us all an idea of how we went on.

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Is this with MVFIA start weights then?

Aye, I think so. It’s just so we can track what actually happened during MVFIA. My back of a fag packet calculation says it’s about 8-9lbs on average, which is bloody amazing!

Updated my start weight

Mr Statistics has added, extrapolated, conjunctionated in an attempt to make sure all this collaboration stuff is clearly a competition. And can also set some cool records for the future. I have also self appointed myself umpire.

Overall. I declare the winning team to be TEAM ANDY.

Yes, it is always going to be controversial declaring your own team as winner. But on the two key weight measurements, Team Andy set the records. On percentage lost, the team managed 4.61% (and that is taking into account one member not making and recording a 0% score), on average the team actually managed an average of 5.76%. And on absolute rather than relative the team managed an average loss of 11lbs per person (inc the zero score), or nearly 14lbs per person who completed.

Additionally together they lost 54lbs, the highest amount lost by any one team. They set the new MVFIA Records. As this is a team event, I have decided not to set individual records.

Record MVFIA Team Loss - TEAM ANDY 55lbs
Record MVFIA %Body Weight Loss - TEAM ANDY - 4.61%

Also summed up some overall performance from the first four groups.

Together we lost 167.2lbs, an average of 9.3lbs each for those who completed MVFIA.

90% of us completed MVFIA, and 70% of us managed to achieve their goals. Which is an outstanding result. TEAM SHAN TEAM STEVE managed to get a 100% completion rate, bringing every person through to the end.

On average those who completed MVFIA lost 3.78% of their body weight in just 30 days. If any of the data changes I will update this post.

Let me also say thanks to Shan, who really has come up with a fantastic idea here. Just look at those results. And let the new MVFIA teams see if they can beat the records, which rely on getting all five team members through and losing weight.


Wow you do like statistics - I bet that burnt a few calories getting those great cells so active

Well done for the sterling job as official brain box of MvF

Forgive me as I am on my phone… Is team Pete on there ?

Don’t know - but the way I have set it up means we can always keep adding teams, since differing teams have different start dates etc, setting and keeping new records. Also I have tried to make sure that it is about getting the whole team through, leave no man behind.

Also just worth a note that not everyone in all teams has yet loaded their info onto the sheet. I will do Team Steve as I know the old boss is away so will use the info from our team posts to upload his. (although wont have height).

May be worth @admin to ask the other Team Captains to do the same for the initial MVFIA that has just finished?

as far as editing goes just for those having problems I set the reply panel into ‘RAW’ infomation, copied and pasted the link to a new window, clicked edit and then made the edits in Google Sheets.

May not be something all want to do as it is a little bit long winded and if you dont understand computers well may not be too easy.

Yep, that’s why I noted if the data changes, I will update the post. Even change the winning team if need be. All a bit of fun. But it is nice to see how well MVFIA is working.

Hahaha, @DolmanDarrall and @ChevalierTialys I’m making you a special forum badge for services to statistics :smile:

That’s amazing. I need someone better at stats to argue against your presentation. My gut feel is that every team that didn’t bring all five home should be disqualified.

I’d also like to point out that we essentially lost a human being between us. That is awesome.

We need Team Will to represent!

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There is a reason why I would argue against this as opposed to the penalty system I put in place which is that when you lose a person it then feels like it is not worth completing MVFIA if like me you are competition driven.

I cross-posted on Em’s account, so that wasn’t me putting words in @EmmaShanahan’s mouth - perish the thought :smile:

Yes, I take your point. I think there’s still a few to come in yet so we’ll see where it ends up. I’m anti-competition anyway, as I see it more from a group perspective - I also think we need to be very careful about sending out a message that one has done better than another - who knows what it took for X to lose 2lbs, when Y might have lost 8lbs with relative ease. But I agree that it’s fun to look at.

It’s also bleeding impressive. Not to go into too much detail but we had guys experiencing pretty much every flavour of crap and marvel life can throw at you (we only missed out on a wedding, come on lads!) and it really was amazing to see the groups come together and help each other out. Even today I’ve seen people giving cleaning advice for motorhomes and get well messages. It’s really brilliant and I’m honoured to be a part of it!

That’s why I think it should be about teams not individuals. Team Andy is just a name, that holds a record, just something to strive for. Now I am Team EndGame!

I don’t think we should become an episode of the Biggest Loser, but to ignore competition is also to ignore a key motivation.

Simply put without some idea of competition, I might have struggled to complete MVFIA personally. I want to help, but simply put I am also driven on by seeing other people do well, and I came 4th in my group.

However if you want five through the door rule. Happy with that also. I am driven by competition, not winning (slightly odd that). Happy to change the post to reflect that rule.

Just to add, want me to remove the records bit from the post, happy to do that also. Just I don’t think we should see competition as evil or bad. To be honest I could put a good argument that goals are the same thing, I spend my life removing goals from businesses.

I have to agree that the competition element was important, certainly to me.
It kept me motivated during the hard parts.

Not letting my team down was crucial.

And at the end, no matter which team won, it made little difference to me.
I lost weight. That was my goal and MVFIA was the right tool for the job.


You can’t use an iPad to put your details in.
Will have to wait until I’m on my laptop and see if that makes a difference.

Ooh does google docs do pivot tables?
Not that I can use a computer atm, but my jmp senses are twitching