My name is Flash and I'm Fat

Hello all. I’m fat. And, I’m trying very hard to change that.
I’m 36, currently just over 21 stone and in dire need of help. I’m doing everything possible to lose weight this time and will make my target. thats a drop in 75 pounds over the next 10 months.
I’ve also tried to record it all on my blog FATFLASH to keep me on track.

I am really interested in joining one of the small groups too. I’ve been looking or a site like this for a long time.




Welcome @FatFlash to MANvFAT!

I am Mike and I am fat too so in good company here!

First things first - I would recommend having a read through here and then as you say definitely get yourself in one of those groups :slight_smile: They help wonders!

Thank you for the welcome, where exactly do I join one of those groups?

Read through the first post of what you need to do and your away :slight_smile:


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The other posts say it all. Read the new mebers threads and browse some old posts then leap in and join a MVFIA group.

Welcome, @FatFlash.

You’ve joined a good bunch of fellow fat lads here, so you’re not out of place.


Hey Flash,

Great to see you getting on board! We’re all fat here, or battling the fat that wants to stick to our bones, so you are in good company :wink:

I think that seeking out a group like this is the best possible thing you can do. From your blog, I can tell that you know what needs to be done and you know that it will take commitment to make it happen. I learned a lot when I first found the board by reading through old posts from the General Topics. Then, when I joined a small group, I found a great group of guys who were really supportive to talk with about my day-to-day experiences.

My first small group went really well and I dropped almost a stone. The second small group I didn’t do as well… I only dropped a couple pounds. The difference was entirely in my committment. I was stressed out, not coming to the board enough to talk with the guys, and making excuses to eat tasty food and drink lots of booze with family and friends around the holidays.

The good news is that this is a lifestyle, not a crash diet or a one-shot test. Now that I’m ready to get serious again, I’m in my third small group - with some of the same guys as before and some guys who I haven’t had the pleasure to talk with much yet. But even in this first week I can tell that it will be a great resource… so long as I am serious about taking advantage of it.

I hope you find this site to be the same!


Thanks lads. Its nice to find a site that is so much more geared towards normalcy rather than the Men’s Health image we get. Although, if I had the money I would look like a Marvel actor too I’m sure.


Welcome, good to see yo here. Read some of the blog…good work. I hear what you say about the scales by the way. The daily fluctuations I have seen this week have proper freaked me out! All levelled out now though so just my body ‘doing its thing’ I suppose.

Weigh in day on Friday so we will see what the scales say then!

Good luck

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Thank you. They seem like such a tool, I bought them to try and get the complete fitbit experience and really target body fat regularly. Thanks for looking at the blog, feedback is always brilliant. I want to make myself accountable through it, if that makes the slightest bit of sense.

Accountability is key mate. The 30 day groups are great. I am just starting my 3rd and the 2 I have completed I have consistently lost in the region of 10lbs in the 30 days. I have lost nearly 30lbs in total since November 1st.

Graet support and advice on hand and the forum is great. If you have a query ask away or have a search.

I agree completely, I will get in one as soon as I can. Especially as I’m so hot on it at the moment. I need to get in and make long term changes.

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@FatFlash welcome. I have been around on the site for just over 6 months, joined up desperate to loose weight for good after years of yo-yo dieting. Signing up to this site is the best thing I have ever done! The guys are the best and everybody is hear to support and encourage, and tell the occasional truth lol.

Good luck on your journey and sure you will enjoy getting involved in the community :slight_smile:


Thank you for the reply, its a very welcoming site.

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Welcome…just stopping by to wish you much success!

Thank you, I really appreciate this.