My Release: Football & Me

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Wow! I’m blown away! Thank you so much for all the inbox messages of support, really made me feel quite emotional. I was actually scared to log in today and had planned on just leaving it now it’s all written down. But I didn’t realise that when you get a inbox message you get a notification, so I had to look then when I saw those, but seriously from the bottom of my heart thank you to all of you guys.

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Without knowing the situation…

  1. MvF is about weightloss, not the football.
  2. There aren’t many MvF 11 a side leagues.
  3. There’s only 1 person airing the dirty laundry in public. The exact opposite of ‘not attention seeking’.

Hi Math, like Darren says, MvF is about weightloss which is why I stay out of the extra activities (11’s & 8’s) as they are football focused (not my area of expertise), so am completely out of the loop with anything that happens there myself mate.

That being said, like I said to you yesterday when I reached out after seeing your post, the official Cardiff MvF club wouldn’t exist as it is without you & the insane work/effort you’ve always put into recruiting other members.

You’ve been amazing & we all owe a lot to you mate!

Keep in mind the 11’s is not an official Cardiff MvF thing, so just be mindful of the wording as this can easily read to other people as a Cadiff MvF issues (it’s not & I’m not even familiar with the situation). I’d really hate to see our league get any unwanted negative attention or get tainted due to something that’s not related to Cardiff MvF.

Personally, I don’t think it’s right to share those screen shots of private messages on here in a public forum (that post has been removed now), it’s an issue that’s come up a few times now (sharing private staff chats to players to sway their opinions on mixing teams) and it’s caused lot’s of stress (for me personally as I had to deal with tons of messages to provide clarity) & caused lot’s of unnecessary unsettlement amoungts players.

While I don’t know the whole story I can see why James got upset, as you said you we’re extending an apology but then threw some personal shots by saying things like “I know you’d never apologise so I’ve decided to be the bigger person”.

Again, this is something that’s come up previously, throwing underhand personal shots at people, which quite understandably triggers people mate.

An apology (if extended) only ever needs to be about ourselves and about what we’re apologizing for, adding anything else, especially shots at other people only makes it seem insincere (intended or not).

I think the key is to either have a geniune conversation with no subtext and if there’s an extention of an apology, to make it a sincear one… either that or to do nothing at all and just let things blow over with time.

Clear and sincear communication always wins mate, people appriciate sincerity.

I hope you understand what I mean by this & I hope it might help?

PS - I know you’re not in the best place right now & I’m 100% here for you if you need me as always mate :slight_smile:


It’s ok, I’ve been messaged twice with demands to remove my reply.

Don’t remove it. You hit the Nail on the head.

MvF 11s is separate from MVF and this is tainting the reputation of MVF Cardiff which has done fantastic and the hard work the lads have put into that league including Maxi don’t deserve to have their league frowned upon. In such a manor.

The issue is personal and separate and doesn’t need to be broadcast everywhere. Certainly not here.

The whole post should be removed!

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Hi Darren,

No one has demanded you remove anything buddy, I politely asked you to remove it as it felt like you were having a pop, that’s all. No drama’s if you won’t. Opinions are like ar*eholes, we all have them.

Have a good day mate :+1:

Once is a polite request. A 2nd message, before the person has even been back online, comes over as demanding tbh. Which is what you did.

Starting to see a pattern here. You seem very good at portraying yourself publicly as an innocent victim.

Please don’t talk to me anymore.

No problem. However It’s worth mentioning that you came on to my personal thread uninvited to post negativity despite the thread specifying it wasn’t required nor welcomed.

But thanks for all your input anyway, all the best with the programme in the future.

You posted on a public forum.

You cannot tell people whether they can or cannot comment, like some spoilt brat.

It’s worth mentioning that you make it very obvious why some people don’t like you.

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