My Weight Loss Plan

okay, I’m 19.5 stone, which was not nice to find out, and I’ve never actively tried to lose weight before.

I drink up to 20 pints of cider a week, snack on crisps and some chocolate plus crap like pepperami all the time, and my only excercise is wal;king the dog.

Pretty shite, eh?

I may be off base, but I figure the key to shedding some weight will be to just do less of the bad stuff and more of the good stuff. Simple maths, surely.

So the plan, if I can stick to it, is this:

1 - Give up the cider. It’s a killer, weight wise and I know I drink too much or it. I don’t fancy giving up alcohol altogether, so will be taking it in shots with juice or Diet Coke.

2 - No shitty snacks. Instead I have lower calorie health bars, which I like the taste of. If I really want to have a crispy snack it’ll b e something like Quavers, whiuch are about 85 calories a pack, and no more than 1 a day. Also, I find cup a soup a filling snack.

3 - No late night crap. After working late I have been known to pick up some kebab meat or sausage and chips, even when I don’t feel hungry. It’s purely for comfort after a busy night, and it will stop. If I am genuinely hungry I can make a sandwich or toast when I get home (I only have Marmite or similar on them).

4 - Excersise more. No brainer, right? Thing is, excersise is hard! I have just bought a Nintendo Wii and will di the fitness games and the like on that, and it’s also good for keeping track of the time spent on it and weight lost. Even if I just play a non fit game (I bought a few for fun),m I reason that I’m standing up playing that rather than sitting down watching the box. At work (I have a shop) I have a stool that’s about a foot and a galf high, and I will be using it for stepping, at first going for just ten minutes a day (maybe two 5 minute goes). It may not sound much but it doesn’t half make your thighs ache!

It’s all very non scientific, but if in the end I am eating less calories, drinking less pints and excercising more then it can only be a good thing, right?

Oh, and football with other fat blokes once a week can’t hurt eitther.

here’s hoping, and I wish you ALL the best with your own plans


That is a lot of change in one go - be careful not to try too much otherwise you might regret doing it and end up in a worse state - not saying you will but its been known to happen.

It sounds however like you have a good plan there so far! And you can do it :slight_smile:

Also check out our new member post as per below which gives some good tips!


Well done for taking the leap. Your plan sounds simple enough and will certainly get you started. However @mikechristopher says its a lot in one go. You’ll certainly loose weight if you stick to it but be careful your not making it too difficult to stick to.


My main meals are nearly always vegan, so I get a nice filling meal with minimal shite in it each day.

If it all gets too much I know there’s a big support group here to help.

Even if I start to snack, the reast will still balance in my favour.

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Brilliant - just remember to track everything you eat and drink (it helps massively to keep you on your own plan).

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@alan_holloway_2 well done to you for taking that first step.

As @mikechristopher said it is a lot of change to make at once and sometimes people find that instead of cutting all of the bad things out immediately that moderating your intake is a much better option.

Maybe if you set out one or two treat days a week which will give you something to look forward to, this might be something you could look at.

Do have a read of the new member post as it has lots of great tips and tricks and be sure to keep letting us know how you’re getting on - all the best and good luck.

Amos M

That’s exactly what I did , it actually felt like going cold turkey the first couple of weeks . I ended up with headaches but once that was over it’s plain sailing . As others have said count what you eat . I used to make a healthy curry not aware I was pouring hundreds of calories of olive oil in it. It makes you make wise choices learning what calories are in what, you know where to save calories and where you can blow them.

Good luck , not that you need it :+1:

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Welcome and thanks for sharing.

Just out of interest, what’s the logic behind the cider shots? Is this for taste or just to allow yourself some very moderate alcohol buzz?

Personally, at those levels I’d knock it out completely to be honest, going alcohol cold turkey is always very good for the whole picture of weight loss, certainly wont harm you, although it might be hard at first!

Cider shots? I’m cutting out the cider completely and just drinking Vodka with juice or diet coke (though not tons of it) - I see the confusion, the post says taking alcohol in shots, niot cider!

To be honest I quite like the buzz! I can drink 6 pints and be in full control but it does take the stress off.

Working as a DJ I find the alcohol genuinely helps get me through the night in a busy pub.

I want to cut down on pints due to the sheer volume of intakle and the shite that’s in them that doesn’t do my insides any good. they don’t call it a beer belly for nothing.

Going on a stag weekend in September in Poland, and I don’t want to attack that after being sober for 2 months! I don’t have a problem with alcohol but I do drink too many pints and I know it.

I’m using MVF as impetus to change my drinking habits but not to go super sober as I feel there is no need.

Like they tell us, do what you feel is right for you, and I’m going to try this and see if it is right. I know that if I lose a few stone I won’t want to go back to pints like I used to.

So are you saying you’re going to just cut down the number of calories and volume of alcohol you intake by moving from pints of cider to shots of spirits? Or are you going to cut down on the number of units of alcohol you are going to drink?

Not sure! Definitely cutting the calories overall which is a start. have to see how it goes

Good luck and welcome @alan_holloway_2.
You can do this. I remember my highest being 125kg which is around 19.5 stone. It really is dooable and it is sustainable.
At my highest, I found a good morning walk to be useful. getting some tunes on the headphones and just going out for a brisk walk can really help, and it’s manageable.

good luck mate…I love how you are so honest - you are half way there if you are honest with yourself…it’s a bit pointless otherwise…
try keeping a food diary…counting calories drives me mad - I remember years ago knowing how many calories was in almost everything…I have just started doing a food diary and it helps me be mindful of what I eat & drink…if I have a kebab and 10 pints…don’t write down 5 pints and a salad!!!

and - every now and again - have a big dirty kebab…it will taste awesome!!!

the key is - in moderation!!!

and the exercise thing … apart from burning off a few calories, it will make you feel better…and when you start to feel positive about it all…you are winning!


Someone else on this forum told me the adage “Eat less, move more, think about it”

Sounds like you are going to do that. Give it two weeks but make sure you continue to do the “Think about it”.

Quite a few threads on here about alcohol.

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I love the way we are reminded by those on MvF of the things we lose sight of when trying to lose weight on our own. Thanks @SweatyTeddy.

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Going well so far. Been walking the dog extra and doing step excersizes. At home I have used the Wii Fit which tells me that since Monday I am down 6 lbs.

haven’t cheated yet but certainly plan to do so! The way I work, Sunday would be a good day to relax the rules a bit. Got 3 nights out coming up (work, pool, work) so my resolve will be put to the test.

I feel better in myself already, probably because I ambeing positive instead of sitting on my fat arse stuffing my face.

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have you a local manvfat football league to join?

Joined the Weston one on Monday, hence the change of attitude and lifestyle

Weighed in at 19.5 stone. It’s nice to see that this morning I was just under 19


Yeah Em Agreed with mikechristopher