MyFitnessPal logins

Sorry if this is in the wrong area but is there a list or a place where everyone has there Mfp logins to add each other etc?

Mines shardlow82

Hopefully get some good motivation.

Thanks guys

Mine is Garthur88. I’ve not been too active on it over the last couple of weeks though but I’ll be back on it proper after this weekend.

I’m hoping to get back logging more frequently but living with the in laws atm so dinner is out of my control so hard to log accurately

Mine is Shrinkinguy :slight_smile: And if you look at my log, you’ll notice that I eat a pretty “normal” diet. It isn’t all vegetables, smoothies, low carb and high protein. And I do have treats on occasion. I’m really not into following any particular fad, I have to eat in a way that I can maintain. I try to eat vegetables, fruits, lean meats, and whole grains. I avoid much sugar, highly processed foods, soda, and most fast foods. And I either try to eat at a maintenance (calories in = calories out) or a deficit (calories in < calories out) depending on my current fitness goals. Currently it’s a deficit, but I turned off all of the exercise tracking in MyFitnessPal. I track my calories out using a Microsoft Band 2 activity tracker and the Microsoft Health app/website. I don’t like the way MFP adjusts the calorie target based on exercise, so I just turned all of that off.

Jfro31683 if anyone wants to add me
@shrinkinguy you’re password protected on the diary part

Ah, just changed that. Unless I get any flack for not being a “perfectly healthy” eater, then I’ll make it private again. :wink:

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I’m SirStoney on myfitnesspal also, feel free to add me anyone, always good for motivation.

Mine is Flamingbagel

I’m AlexPN - still pretty much a newbie on there though… but happy to get involved…

moaker on mfp as well feel free to add

Mine is alanmonks

BillyBoyBean - its an old school name - honest!!

Hi, mine is theseventensplit1133, I’m still trying to build up to consistently logging. Pretty new to using the app.

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I’ve added you all.
Probably requested twice.


Qetjack for me :slight_smile:

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stevepaulcurtis for me.

gasp now you all know my name…


I am Dubuque on MFP. I am always looking to give and receive encouragement and accountability. Feel free to add me.

I liked the ‘3 year later’. Anyway you can find me at MFP under TheMrWobbly. Looking for fellow active people with open diaries. Cheers!