Need some advice

Hi there, im 22 years old, 5’11 and I weigh 238 pounds, Ive been severely depressed lately and for the past 4 weeks Ive been trying to lose weight, I’d do a high intensity workout everyday and have been for the past 4 weeks, because of my depression however I rarely eat or sleep, Id be lucky to eat one meal a day or have a good 5 hours sleep a night, since starting 4 weeks ago Ive only gained weight which sucks, the obvious solution would be to eat more and hope for the best but im afraid to eat more than one meal now since Ive either lost nothing or gained from I started, what do you guys think?

Hey Joseph,

I’ve dealt with depression and the best thing I can tell you to do is to seek out a counselor, or someone professional to listen to you. In my case, I didn’t need medication or anything like that - but the counselor at my local clinic helped me talk through a lot of things and come up with strategies to make my life better.

While the depression and the weight issues are inter-related, they each need to be dealt with in a specialized manner. I don’t know of anyone on this board who is a certified mental health counselor who can offer you those services… and I’m of the personal opinion that they are best done face-to-face if possible. At least, that’s the way that worked best for me!

As you learn how to deal with depression issues in the appropriate way, you should also get involved with this community to learn how live a healthier lifestyle. Start by reading the New Member Welcome Post and consider joining an MFVIA Group once you’ve achieved the new member requirements.

Also, read the The complete guide to losing fat & getting lean by @maxnas and look at the running topics on this site. These is a fantastic group of guys here and while your circumstances may be unique, I guarantee that you will find that for each thing you find to be a burden, you will find a guy who has the same struggle. We make each other stronger by sharing the ways we overcome these issues.

You’ve got the power to change your life. The only question is when you will decide to do it. I hope tonight is the night that you take that first step! We’ll be here to support and celebrate with you, if you want to get involved :slight_smile:


I’ve struggled with depression as well, and it’s an on-going process. I don’t have any golden answers for you, but I do hope you are seeking professional help. Medication doesn’t solve everything, and it took me about 15 months to find a medicine and dosage that made a difference - but it has helped. It’s no fun suffering alone and talking to someone, even if it’s just your GP to see what they can prescribe can make the world of difference, because actually telling someone, out loud, what’s going on in your head is the first step to dealing with it.


I’d echo what’s been said, you can medicate to give yourself a stable baseline, but you need to tackle your own mindset for long term success, go see your GP and get a referral.

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@Joseph , you have taken a massive step by recognising your depression and taking the giant step of beginning exercise.

The issue of Mental Health is such a complicated issue and alters from person to person. I personally suffer with PTSD and am finding that there are so many different forms of treatment available that you really need to discover the basis of your illness and what actually may assist your recovery.

These pages will give you help with understanding the complexities of nutritional information however I would strongly suggest you seek help. It would also be helpful to look at the following websites that may also provide some self help advice.

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