Need some help from other big boned fellows


I’m big, bald and can’t get up stairs without nearly dying. I’m fed up with chaffing, fed up with shit clothes and fed up with feeling guilty about eating.
That being said I’ve managed to lose 2kgs which is a step in the right direction. Thought I would look here for help and support.
Any help would be great fully received.


You’ve taken the first step, now follow the newcomer posts, sign up to a 30 day weight loss group on here, even better sign up for a league.

MvF works because it allows people that know exactly what you’re going through and have been going through to talk honestly and frankly about it as well as being a fantastic source of advice.

With regards to shifting the timber, diet is everything, find something that works for you whether that’s counting calories like me through myfitnesspal, joining slimming world or something else.

Good luck bud, that first tentative reach out post is always the toughest one, but you’ve stumbled upon the answer by landing here if you want it.


Genuine question. Do you see ‘being big boned’ as the cause/one of many?

Because it isn’t.

  1. While the human adult skeleton is composed of 206 bones, they are very light, weighing less than 15 pounds … and, most often, much less than that; and,

  2. While large bones in some do exist, “heavy” bones do not .

Here is a good article on it.

Having said that, well done for making a start.

But we get fat because we eat too much, especially of calorie intense processed food & exercise too little. It’s the brutal truth so there is no point sugar coating it for anybody.

But don’t feel guilty about eating, start eating the right things and the weight will tumble off.

Lots of veggies, protein such as chicken & fish.
At least 2 litres of water a day.

Set a calorie deficit. If you still feel hungry, eat some more of what is good for you.

Here is a tuna salad.

Circa 200 calories. One little Mr Kipling cake has more calories than that. It’s not about eating, but eating too much of the wrong things.




The cause of my weight is eating too much and too often, nothing to do with my bones.

The reason I put big boned was because I thought fatties was a little bit much for a first post.


Oh I don’t know… I always say I am fat.
3 stone and a bit down, I am still fat.

My waist hasn’t budged at all.
But the moobs are almost gone, back in XL clothing.

Sorry but I have heard so many people over the years say big boned to disguise what it really is, the natural reaction was to correct you.


All good mate. It’s good to hold people accountable for what they say.
Well done on your weight loss and moob loss. I hope I can get the same result.


I have an app on my phone called fat secret which counts calories of lots of different foods (including supermarket brands). I used it successfully to give me a weekly summary of what I have eaten and average value per day.
Am also member of the MVF Salford Football League which has helped tremendously. Gives you incentives to lose weight too as well as having fun and improving fitness.


Download my fitness pal on phone or tablet.enter your details and select weight loss ad option. Type in food you eat by description or scanning bar codes. Plus most restaurant menus included. It will calculate your daily calories and give you a target. Cut down on bread pasta and pastry. Aim to walk a few miles a day , after dinner go for a walk instead of watching Carlisle vs Stevenage or darts gold. E try little helps.


try eating more fruit less fat foods. A major trick is drink more water so your body feels fuller quicker. Look in the mirror each day and say I AM getting thinner and more confident. Find a pair of trousers you really cant get into and make these a goal to get into no time scale just a goal. Good luck to you and in time you will get there


Ten months on… hope u in a better place pal, i kno u been giving it a good shot here

I get what u mean big boned, tongue in cheek yea. I usually call myself fat but i dont rly like other ppl sayin it, id defo hav them told!! But ppl on here r allowed cos i kno it not meant cheeky here