Need the get go again

Evening all ManVFat players and past players :+1:t2:

Right this will be my 5th season

Season 1 was a start getting to grips with ManVFat I lost some weight team was black pudding
Season 2 went onto OB city we smashed it on the pitch I managed a 5% on the last game
Season 3 Aston vanilla great team we won the league title
Season 4 disaster gained 2 kilo in the end was a real stop start season injury plagued me I kept playing on injured there was also around 4 bank holidays which also killed it for me

So now signed up season 5 fresh new colours yellow and new name “Fatzio” need to get back to basics stop the snacking and up the excersize again… simple steps…

What do you guys use as your main focus

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Back in the forum with the posts is a great step such a wide pool of support to tap into.
Need to find what works for you, could be find your why and push on based on that or if that feels like too much pressure take it week by week. Have a look at the reduce remove replace task I sent over as a good start point for changes, identify the changes you can make and whether you can remove them, reduce them or replace them. If the remove option seems to hard that’s when reduce or replace with something else.

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Looking forward to the season, only started 3 weeks ago and was involved in the cup games. Its hard work but I’m sure all the effort and support from the WHOLE group will see me through and get fit and healthier again. Looks like the West Brom league has a great set of lads and can’t wait to get my first full season under my belt. Paul, congratulations on 5 seasons and good luck for this season and if I can help in anyway, just ask. I have a few slimming recipes I use from my old ‘slimming world days’ and I am willing to listen to any tips you and the other guys have. Cheers Stan (BEST Sandwich Albion)


Yes, although on different teams there is a lot of support flying around, I’ve gained some very good friends since joining ManVFat West Bromwich league seen people come and go but a lot still message etc.
Is slimming world good for meals I’m guessing so, it’s all about getting back on it stop start last season and knew played up was a setback but back up and going now…
Will be a good season 6 full teams etc will see you around for deffo thanks for the reply
I’ve started tracking my intake on Fitbit aswell as the handbook