Never done anything like this before

I’m brand new to MvF, and it seems like a really vibrant community! I’m excited to get started, but not sure if anyone who’s been around this block could share some tips/advice on how to get started/make the most out of this community? About 10 years ago, I lost ~121 Lbs, through weight watchers–however I never followed the plan, I just liked the competition and accountability of the program. I’ve since gained a lot of that initial loss back, and am finally ready to re-commit here. Thanks all! JW

There is hardly any activity here anymore more mate, practically zero. It’s a shame as it used to be such a good place. I keep coming back in the hoping that things have changed but they don’t seem to have done so.
PM me if you want to talk things through.

Still nothing Steven even after all the promises.

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Yeah…I still check in every few days to see if there is anything or if anybody needs help/advise/support etc…

How are you doing?

Hi Steven! Thanks so much for responding here. That is too bad! I really appreciate you reaching out. I’ll send you a note and maybe I can send you a few questions? At least there are a few people here! I wonder why engagement has fallen so badly?

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I have it as a bookmark so habit has me checking in everyday. I’m doing well. Still in the watsapp with the lads. And I’ve started running. Weight going down which is a bonus

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Nice… I am shifting too but doing it all on my own again.
Maybe you can get @jwoodwar into the group.

I would appreciate that @StevenHaley, and @Greenballs! All good if it’s a private group.