Never felt so good




I started with Manvfat in the Wigan league on September 3rd 2018. I was overweight and seriously unfit. I hadn’t done any form of exercise for about 10 years and felt I needed to do something about my fitness and lose a little bit of weight.
Well we have just started week 12 of our season and what can I say. I’ve not felt this good about my fitness and weight in a very long time.
I have suffered with depression and anxiety for about 3 years now after having a breakdown. I have been on tablets for this for 3 years and have coped ok. But since joining manvfat my wellbeing has massively improved.
I’m currently weighing in at the lowest I’ve weighed since before my marriage in 2012. I now play football twice a week going running two to three times a week and have started doing some small abs workouts. My running has gone from 3.5km in 32 mins 9 weeks ago to now running 10km in less than 1hr 7mins. I’ve entered numerous 10k events and intend to do a 10k run in less than 1hr before mid December.
But my biggest achievement I see in myself and so does my family is my depression and anxiety. I feel better in myself than I have in many years and I have stopped taking my tablets over 2 weeks ago and can honestly say I don’t miss them.
So just want to say a massive thank you to manvfat and it’s staff but also to my team mates on 50 stones of white. I have made some amazing friends and if this was all stop tomorrow i know we would all keep intouch.
Remember people. Don’t watch the clock, do what it does and keep going.

Rob sutcliffe


Awesome story Rob - congratulations on your successes so far.


This is brilliant, mate, really put a smile on my face.

I’ve fortunately never been diagnosed with depression but there’s a history of it in my family, really glad you’re doing without the meds, that’s great news.

If I don’t exercise one day, I’ll feel down, so there’s truth in the science that exercise really does affect your mental health positively.

Hope you can keep going on your journey, please keep us updated.


What you said about exercise is true. It gives you that positivity. If I don’t I feel like it’s a wasted day. Prob my mentality now I think. People say it’s all about diet. Yeah it is but it’s exercise for me