New badges!


Now lost 83 pounds. Can I have my 80 pound badge please. Cheers!


Wow, well done @geoffbeckett and @CatManDo you’re both doing (and have done) truly incredible things. Can’t wait to tell your Amazing Loser story @CatManDo! Already done yours Geoffers!


I am looking forward to hearing @CatManDo story for sure!


I’m very lucky to have had @geoffbeckett and @CatManDo on my first MVF team, and now @CatManDo on my second. Thanks chaps!


The pleasure was all ours Simon! Hope your still going with those pressups!


Every day, my friend. Every day…


Already up to 20lbs since I joined MVF on 16/11 - Down from 252 to 232lbs - Can I have a badge please :grinning:


Inspirational - Well Done


Hi @admin. Not sure if I have to do this or if it’s you that I need to ask, but can I please request my 5lb and 10lb badge to cover weight lost whilst in Team River.


Hey @biketester, think you maybe popped this post on an old topic, cut and paste it to Get your badges!

and they’ll get you sorted out. :slight_smile:


Thanks @Big_Fella. Sorry still feeling my way around. I will get used to it eventually.


no problem, your welcome! :thumbsup:


Can I get a 10lbs badge please @admin


Consider it done.

Best place for badge requests going forwards is in this thread here.


No worries and thank you. I searched badges and this one came up


Hi just my 5% lost 6.2kg so far Can I have my badge please


This is an old thread, this is the correct one:

But I’ll update your badges anyway :+1:


As for new badge ideas, you could do some related to the forum in general. you could also do 5lb mile stones, instead of just 10. For those members who are loosing weight, but at a much slower rate.

Badges for app (if any) being used, badges for folks on a specific diet type (not sure what the diets are exactly, but I know they exist), badges for line of work folks are in (if they volunteer that info), bages for users who admit to using a specific device type (smart scale for ex), badges if a user does a mile mark exercise (walks a mile for ex), badges for number of times an exercise is done (walked a mile for 7 days in a row, for ex).

These are what I can think of, off the top of my head. Hope they help inspire some of your own creative juices.


@admin Can I get my 5, 10 & 15lb and 5% badges please


something to do with your respective league? top loser in your league? hatrick in your league?