NEW: Beginner Strength Training Program (@maxnas)


Here it is guys, (with permission of @admin)

The Beginner Strength Training Program

So, you wanna look better naked, right?

I know, I know, you wanna get in shape for your “general health”, to run a half marathon, for a family wedding or for your (future or existing) kids & grand-kids.

All super valiant & admirable goals, but let’s be honest… you want to look better!

It’s either your number one secret goal that you feel slightly embarrassed about admitting OR it’s a sub goal underneath something a bit more important.

Hey, there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s one of the most powerful motivators.

When we look better we feel better, when we feel better we’re happier, & when we’re happier our lives & the lives of our loved ones are better. win/win!

So let’s get you looking better, & I’m not talking about Brad Pitt in fight-club with abs that look like they’ve been hand carved by a Greek God, I’m talking about what looking better means for YOU.

This program moves around YOU.

This program puts the ball in your court, helping you to craft the PERFECT workout around your access to equipment, your ability to perform the exercises of your choice & giving you the flexibility to choose the exercises that you enjoy the most.

Here’s exactly what to do for your first 12 weeks of strength training.

Enjoy :slight_smile:

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LOL but I want to look Iike Brad in Fight Club… I just haven’t had the motivation to do anything about it!


“We’ve all been sold on supplements & 15 min fat melting HIIT sessions to believe that one day we’d look like Brad Pitt, and movie gods, But we won’t. And we’re slowly learning that fact. And we’re very, very pissed off!” - Kyler Spurden

:smile: :smile:


Thanks for this. I’ll be giving it a go once I’ve moved House and got the garage/man room set up.


Fantastic, let us know how you get on!

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Here’s some visuals of the plan to screenshot/save to your phone & take with you to the gym :slight_smile:

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Hey guys, I’ve slightly updated this by dropping the volume on the optional accessory lifts (in grey) as in hindsight and based on both recent feedback and a review of lots of recent research on appropriate training volumes, it was previously too high for a rank beginners needs, as they will get MORE than enough volume from the main lifts alone

beginner plans are for the purpose of practising the skill of good/correct form and getting started on having their muscles correctly move through the various range of motions, its more skill building than strength building

Your ability to lift more weight will come as the skill of lifting through the movement paterns improves (you’re basically learning how to perform the movement patterns correctly, which will have an effect on your ability to recruit more muscle fibres, which in turn will results in your ability to lift more weight)

I’d even go as far to say a beginner might be better off dropping the accessories (in grey) & just performing the main compund lifts (in white) completely or using them on just one session,

Depends, see how you feel :slight_smile:

@admin , just tagging you incase you’re still planning on putting this inside progress mate


This looks really good, might try it after the 30lbs by Christmas challenge is over,as my current calorie deficit is higher so I don’t want to push too much.


Awsome, What kind of training (if any) are you doing at the moment?

What do you mean by this mate?

If you mean you’re in a very large energy deficit and not doing any kind of resistance training, then you’re likely losing lean tissue (including muscle) as well as fat

Remember losing fat and losing ‘weight’ is not always the same exact thing


Well I’m currently going for 2lbs a week, and so I’m cutting 1000 calories from my diet. I’ve read a few places that I should be focusing on light lifting to avoid going over my calorie limit by getting to hungry from building too much muscle


While I want to maintain muscle mass I’m worried that building too much will not allow me to maintain my calorie deficit as ill get too hungry. I did decide to start with your beginner program and see how it goes.


Trust me mate, nobody in the history of humanity has accidentally put on too much muscle

Gaining muscle is actually an extremely hard and slow process


After that… there’s no much left in terms of gaining muscle naturally (pro bodybuiler level, small gains each year etc)

So if you do everything correctly, training and eating in a calorie SURPLUS (not deficit) you’d do great to gain 1-2lbs of muscle per months (not weight, muscle… you might gain more weight but it wont be muscle)


Keep in mind those rates go out the window in a deficit, any muscle you gain will be a small bonus,

Also, 1lb of muscle burns approx 6cals per day compared to 2cals per 1lb of fat

So considering the small amount of muscle you’re likely to gain in a deficit, it’ll be almost unnoticable

Plus, it wont make you hungrier per-say, it’ll mean your body will need more calories, so you’d actually be able to lose weight whilst eating more (win/win) :slight_smile:


I’ve added a ‘time management’ section to the 'level 1/beginner strength training program’

I’ll also be re-wording the meaning of ‘level 1/beginner’ soon, as the word ‘beginner’ might sometimes be taken to literally, when in fact it’s really about our current condition & our ability to progress (which can go back forth due to injury, time off etc)

Anyway, the time management section will show you how to cut the time spent in the gym in HALF


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I honestly not sure i do want 2 look ‘good’ naked cos i dont kno what u class as that n if it doesnt sound weird i only want particular select ppl 2 ever see it, not just ne1 + every1 :open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth:

But i heard that if u hav more muscles is makes u burn calories better. So i do free weights n weights machines as part of my gym routine. Its about pitching it in a way how i can build muscles enuf 2 burn more cals, but not enuf 2b a full on bodybuilder or whatever.

Iv not rly thought of it in terms of strength. But strength matters 2 me cos i work in a warehouse so i sometimes hav 2 deal with lifting things (i dunno exactly what they weigh) .We hav 2 use machines 4 the rly heavy stuff tho, health n safety rules. Iv always been able 2 deal with that, part of the reason im good at it. But mebbes if i was stronger i wud b even better at it??


Whatever it means fo you to be/feel comfortable :slight_smile:


I think im more worried what i look like with clothes on cos i get self concise what ppl think. If sum1 was gona see me naked n they havent already clockd im fat b4 hand then i think they shud of workd it out lol. Its obvious


Im crackin on with this strength training mind :muscle::muscle:


This program has been going well for me, you certainly are right though, the optional extra exercises take forever to progress, while the main ones progress fairly steadily.


Great to here mate!

How long have you been using the plan?