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@maxnas I’ve been going to the gym for the last 6 months with my lad who is a fit lad and knows all about the different types of exercise. Now he’s going away for 3 months in January and I’d like to continue. The problem I have I ain’t got a clue. Currently I’ve started the c25k on the treadmill. And also go to box-fit and boxercise.

What plan would you do for someone who’s a bit more than a beginner.

Cheers in advance.


Hi mate,

So when it comes to strength training we categorize ‘beginner’ as somebody who’s still able to progress week to week (or almost week to week)

If you’re still able to make progressions consistently on a week to week, or every other week basis, there’s no reason to do anything more advance as you’ll only be SLOWING down your progress

More advanced trainees have to purposely take things slower to avoid injuries, as they can’t progress as fast.

Meaning if you’re able to progress week to week (or very other week) great, continue to do that, rather than switching to a plan which will only have you progressing month to month, meaning you’ll be leaving tons of progression on the table

The goal is really to be a beginner for as long as possible (sounds backwards I know) as this is where all the fast results come

So the question is, are you still able to progress often?

What kind of training have you been doing by the way mate?


@maxnas I’ve been doing boxercise circuits twice a week, 2 weeks on 1 week off due to babysitting duties. Try and hit the gym 2/3 times a week. In the gym is cardio for 20/30 mins , currently just started c25k. (Day 4 tomorrow hopefully but may be Sunday due to crimbo parties). Weights working on targeted areas changing each session then finishing off with core.

I was looking for a plan to follow as I’ll be without my lad for 3 months.


Hey mate,

ok so it seems like you haven’t had an actual progression plan in place as of yet, something that you can track & measure (you can’t manage what you don’t measure)

The only way to know we’re progressing is to stick with a specific plan of action & track things over time (similar with weight loss & sticking to the same foods, habits or calories etc, rather than changing things up every day/week & using guesswork)

I’ve written this plan exactly for this situation mate, I’d defo give it a go & try to progress as best as possible over the next 3-6 months (or for as long as you can)

Once you can no longer progress week to week, or eventually every other (usually after about 6 months) then we’ll need to adjust things to accomodate the slower rate of progression



About 4 months now


Av been havin some good success with the weight training