New best Non-alcoholic drink


Obviously Nanny State is still in the mix but Infinite Session is 36 calories of hardcore flavour. Absolutely brilliant. Got a pack from Tescos and will go back and clear out the shelves.


I shall give that a try, erdinger is pretty good as is nanny state and st peters without,


Nanny State is rotten.

I’m partial to Erdinger Blue, San Miguel 0.0, Heineken 0.0, Budweiser Prohibition Brew. Almost 10 months off the drink and these are getting me through.

Becks Blue can go in the bin with the Nanny State.

I’ve heard Grolsch 0.0 is meant to be good too. I tried a 0.5% stout but for the life of me can’t remember the name. That was lovely.


Will try - thanks for posting. Beer is one of my downfalls after a stressful day


I don’t drink alcohol (religious reasons) but I believe most of these drinks have a tiny tiny percent of alcohol? lol


Most of them do, Ray, but they’re less than half the calories of their alcohol filled counterparts and they don’t put up your blood pressure like regular alcohol does when drank in mass consumption!


I`ll have to stick to a J2O bottle on the odd night out then (which I know has A LOT of sugar. Kills me everytime! lol). But yep well said otherwise!