New breakfast ideas please

Hi all , I need a few new breakfast ideas other eggs or porridge??? I am a basic cook, so any ideas or web site would be great lunch and dinner is not a problem! But I need to change it up a little, cheers :nerd_face::+1:

@Lloyd_Nolan, Eggs are my breakfast staple! I make eggs for my wife and me nearly every morning. Though, some days I skip eggs and my wife makes herself oatmeal instead.

What I like to do is mix up the way I make them. So I might have Egg with a slice of Bacon, Egg with Salami, Egg with Ground Beef, Egg with Sliced Steak, Egg with Peppers, and often add a bit of cheese. Either fry the egg whole or scramble it with the ingredients in the mix. Then I can put the egg on top of a slice of toast, a tortilla, on half a bagel, inside a croissant, you get the drift.

On the weekends I like to cook a pan of Corned Beef Hash and then crack an egg over the top :wink:

Maybe I’m a little bit too in love with eggs?


You think? You will turn into one.

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I too am an egg guy. This morning, I cracked three eggs in the frying pan, cooked for a bit and then put grated cheese over top. I put this, pan and all, under the broiler until the cheese melted and the tops of the eggs were cooked. I like to leave the yolks runny. Two slices of toast cleans up the mess quite nicely. Pretty high calorie but I only do this on weekends. Work mornings, it’s usually just a banana or a hard boiled egg.

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Does anyone boil eggs in batch and then just eat cold when u are looking for something to eat?


my ‘go to’ is a bowl of oats, a scoop of chocolate protein powder, a tablespoon of peanut butter, mixed with warm water or slightly heated milk, mixed up but NOT cooked or nuked in the microwave (I hate cooked oats, they get all gross & gooey)

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Jordans’ Fruit and Nut Country Crisp with an Activia Prune Fruit Layer yogurt instead of milk with a glass of water for me-318 calories.
Add a banana if needed but very satisfying as it is and no mid-morning munchies!!


Yogurt - I make my own.

You might also try searching for “Bircher” recipes. Its somewhere between museli and porrige. See the following as a start.

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Not much of a cook? Well how about this,

In a Jam jar goes;

Chocolate protien powder
Skim milk

Put on lid and shake seven shades of shit. Leave in fridge the night before. Awesome breakfast.


Any particular measures or proportions?

Gonna try this today :blush:

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Weightlifters overnight oats i think its called.

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Couple I like

Protein Pancakes

  1. Blend 25 Grams of Oats, 1 Banana, Scoop of Whey Protein, 1 Eggs (Mixture can make 3-5 depending on how big you want them)
  2. Fry in pan using a healthy oil when you see the mixture bubble at the top flip it over
  3. Serve with some greek yoghurt and fruit

Overnight Quinoa Oats

  1. Mix 125g of Quinoa (Cooked), 40g Oats, 250ml of Milk and 1/2 tsp of Cinnamon in a bowl. Make sure Milk covers quinoa and oats
  2. Leave in fridge overnight needs at least 8hrs
  3. Serve with a small portion of rasins and a drop of honey


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Likewise, I’d be interested in an idea on quantities etc as would like to give this a go.

A bit sick of porridge now!!

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About 30-40g Supermarket brand shreddies, 80g blueberries (defrosted from a bag of frozen), almond milk (unsweetened preferably) and a touch of honey to bring it all together. Is filling and got that sweetness too. Generally have a coffee beforehand too with skimmed milk only.

If I’m particularly hungry by the time I get to work (an hour so later), I’ll have a banana.

Key thing for me is getting fruit in there - enjoy my breakfast so much more now and don’t get tempted by ‘I’ll just grab something on the way to work’ which could be a sausage or bacon roll, or one of those lovely tomato and mozerella croissants from Pret.

Hope this offers an option!

Frittata. Basically omelette but just add different veg meat or whatever after you’ve put the egg mixture in the pan. Also just cover the top with a plate so it cooks the top. I can make mine in about 8 minutes. I also cook double portions in the evening so I can put in the fridge and quickly reheat in the morning

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I often bake 6 or 8 hard eggs at a time in the oven and then munch my way thru the set 2 a day for lunch. Just like hard biling except baking.

At my age fibre is an important part of my daily regime and @maxnas keeps pushing the protein
so for breakfast I very often have 2/3 cup of All-Bran buds (or 1/2 cup Fibre-1) cereal topped with 1/3 cup of blueberries (or 4 med strawberries) and 153 to 175 grms (1/2 to 3/4 cup) of 0% fat Greek yogurt. Creamy, crunchy, filling and good on all counts.

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Before I signed up here, I was searching for some basic recipes I could make. I found a few, that looked good to me. So I bookmarked them for later viewing.

Here are all the breakfast related ones:

They are a little fancy, but they looked great.
Hope this helps!

Ah breakfast, the most important meal for the day and for some reason its the hardest to find variety in, every web site and cook book i look through give 3 options, over night oats, smoothies and some type of home made bran muffin.

I find for a change from the daily oats a bowl of sliced berries and banana with a strawberry yogurt tipped on top is good, its high in sugar (natural sugar but still sugar) i know so isnt an every day option but it fresh and light and is packed with vitamins!

Id be very interested to see this tread continue, breakfast variety is hard to come by

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