New comers with some questions :)


Hi guys, my self and my friend have joined today. We just have a couple of questions.

  • We are both from Liverpool, will we be added to the Liverpool league automatically.
  • are we put in a team based on anything? I.e. age, height, weight?
  • Will we be added to the same team, or can we request that?
  • Do I get a phone call with my info?
  • When is the first session for the Liverpool league?


as long as you have signed up to the Liverpool league you should get email from the coach with details. have fun


I am unsure to be honest. Is there a way I could check pal? @kevinb1959


Hello @jpmcfadden7

You must be registered via the league website -

Once that’s been done, you are on a waiting list for the coach @MCJ_95 to assign you into a team.

The first session is this month:-

Venue: Anfield Sports and Community Centre, L6 0AG
29/01/2019 19:00

Tell Matty when you are contacted and he can make sure you are put into the same team as your mate.


Hi @MvFFootballHelp,

Well when I signed up, number 2 on the form had “Your League” and " Liverpool - Anfield Sports And Community Centre - Tuesdays 7-9PM" So I am assuming that I am in that one!

That’s great, thank you for your reply!