New Forest 100 - Cycling Event


Afternoon Gents,

I’m wondering if anyone is entering the above?
I seem to remember back at the start of the summer that there was some interest in signing up for the event, but can’t for the life of me remember who it was!

I’m thinking about doing it, but thought I’d check if anyone else is signed up as it’s on over 2 days.



Yes @TommyD
There are a couple of us doing the middle distance on Saturday, part of our JOGLE training schedule.
I haven’t managed the training to be able to do the 100.
Disappointed but all my own fault.
We are debating doing it on Sunday too, replicating next years ride.
Are you doing the NForest?


Hi @mick that sounds good - when are you doing JOGLE next year? Is it a MvF event?
It’s quite tempting to do Saturday and Sunday middle distance - although I’m not sure I’d get a pass to ride both days!

I am tempted to go for the 100 on the Saturday, but I’ve just booked a short city break with the Mrs for our anniversary, so would take another 4 day training out of the limited time already.

I should probably just suck it up and book in!


JOGLE due in May 2018.
Started in the pub and I wasn’t bright enough to duck it.
It’s not affiliated to anything, just two of us unsupported and for our own selfish pleasure.
My mate is about 7 stone lighter than me so you can imagine the performance gap.
He skips along whilst I grind out every mile.
Looking forward to the whole experience, good, bad and ugly!


@mick I’m so jealous, I’d love to do JOGLE or LEJOG and am tempted to try and wangle it next year towards the end of the summer - but taking 8-10 days off work and off family is a pretty big ask!

I’ve signed up for the New Forest 100 Epic on the Saturday - so will probably see you guys there! You’ll be ablate hear me swearing all around the course for not being in better shape and not training hard enough for it!


It is a big ask!
And I had to clear with my wife and family.
Arranged it so that our second week is during half-term. Both our wives and all our children will have a week in Cornwall and be there to see us finish, champagne etc.
We live in Dorset so ending in Cornwall made more sense, even if it’s against the prevailing wind.
Plenty of logistical stuff still to do, B&Bs still to book, route to fettle, trying to stay with friends and family to keep costs down etc.
On top of that; some training. Stamina and weight loss too.
Only eight months to go…


That sounds like a pretty good plan - how long are you anticipating it taking you?


We have a plan for 15 days of cycling. That’s an average of 67 mpd.
Fly up on Thursday, cycle Friday to Friday inclusive, drive home on Sat.
The daily routes are set up to balance distance against climbing so that no single day kills us.
Or every day kills us more like it!
I took various bits from various books and websites. Then I changed a bit, made a bit up and so on.
We have done some back to back 50/60 milers, with full panniers and kit.
BIG learning curve. Everything from shabby navigation, packing too much, drinking too much, dawdling too much.
Next one due September, meanwhile peddling when able and learning how to navigate with Garmin.


sounds great - I did lose a few hours to the internet researching how to do the trip etc… the kit side of things is always of interest to me - i’ve never ridden with more than a rucksack and a small saddle bag before - and the rucksack is usually when i’m on the MTB and is more of a camelbak rather than anything of any real size.

I do have a set of old panniers but I guess that would be the way to go.


Definitely panniers.
Rucksacks have their place but not on your back for a fortnight.
Sweat and the weight would make a tough ride tougher.
I picked up an Ortlieb rack and set of panniers as a birthday/Christmas/fathers day gift from the family in 2016.
2017 bought me various other bits.
It has been 18 months in the planning/talking-in-the-pub so far and getting the expensive stuff piecemeal made sense.


Nice - managed 20 miles in the bag today felt good and got a few of those little cups from Strava - will see how I feel in the morning tomorrow though before getting too cocky!

23 days left…


Only just stumbled across the posts about JOGLE. It deserves a thread of its own with updates on progress. I’d like to do a cycle tour myself though I’m less keen on the UKbecause of the traffic. Have been dreaming about cycling through France.


Finished it on Friday. 15 days, many miles and many, many hills.
Lost about a stone so will need to kick on with this.
Feels good to have done it.


Wow well done mate. Where’s the victory post and photos. It deserves a thread of its own.


Cheers @Adrian