New Here, Ready to get involved

Hi all,

So i’m new to the site having considered it before, decided I would finally sign up and get involved forgetting im booked in for the snip on monday!

Anyway, looking at my local league it seems its on week 11 now and I believe seasons are 14 weeks, what happens after a season finishes? and how long of a break is there?

a little about me for now, im 31 live just up the road from the CTC venue for North Solihull, I’ve got a lot to lose and have a busy work/life schedule having 2 kids and a full time to juggle.

looking forward to getting involved once my crown jewels are healed and meeting some of you.



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Ha! You’ll not want to look at any balls for a while after the snip.

Welcome to the leagues and just so you know there’s no break between seasons. We go to a bring a friend cup week and then the season begins again.