New here. So happy to see this is a "thing"


I’m 32, about 18st, a daddy to 2 and have been battling the fat as long as I can remember. Seriously, I’m sick of being perpetually unhappy and unfit.

There’s so much content here, I don’t know where to start.Would appreciate some pointers, encouragement and general guidance on how to get the most of this.


Hi @Phil_Geldart

Welcome to MvF. You’ve come to the right place. One year ago I was just under 18st…now just under 14 st, and MvF has been a huge part of my weight loss over the last year! There’s a lot of support here and a lot of resource, we’re all trying to do the same thing. Have a read at this and then join in a 30 day group…and start dropping the lbs!

Good luck!

The ultimate new member welcome post


Welcome Phil, it certainly is a “thing” and such a wonderful thing. Read any of my blogs for great writing and posts for great inspiration. Joking aside, do look at our Amazing Loser features fro some truly inspirational stories and also have a wee look at our fat loss groups- MVFIA

You might also want to register for our planned Man V Fat Football League in Chester if that is handy for you and you would like to play football.

Also, browse the topics that interest you and get involved


Hi there @Phil_Geldart welcome on board , start with newcomers ultimately newcomers guide , good place to start , try and read as much as you can, it’s a lot of info but keep using the site , check the guys who lost serious weight etc , if in doubt ask someone will have experience and advice , ok
Diet and exercise, calories in versus calories out , water and protein levels intake are worth thinking about to help on your journey, best of luck,
Joining here is half way there good luck reach out @admin for advice and pointing you in the right direction plus the blog was a great resource when I joined :nerd_face::+1:


thank you guys, the quick responses I’ve had already are a big reassurance.


thanks, that sounds great! I’ve recently started playing football, so this might be of interest to me.


Have a look here, @Phil_Geldart Man V Fat Football


Welcome @Phil_Geldart. Like the guys have said, settle in and get involved. Try not to get hung up on learning everything all at once. I’d been trying to lose weight for 2 years before finding this forum. I’m still un-learning some of the crap that’s out there in fad land.


Welcome. The new member post is enough to get you started. Take your time to work out a plan that suits you.

I would I’d just add that Christmas represents a challenge for all of us. In many ways it’s a good time to start to control your diet, but at the same time it is more difficult. There’s a few posts that deal with Christmas, you might want to check those out.


Welcome and good luck on your journey. Find something that works for you, make small changes and be patient.


Howdy! My approach is just to jump in and start posting. You’ll soon learn what’s what.


I agree with what @admin said.

I also feel the need to post this.


@Phil_Geldart I’d just like to add a welcome from sunny Somerset.
This certainly is a “thing” and the help and support available knows no bounds to be honest.
As has already been said you’re best to look at the ultimate newcomers thread and just scan through anything else you see here. I guarantee that there will be someone, if not more than one, that has a story that strikes a chord.
One thing I will say is don’t beat yourself up if you have a bad day/week etc but try and step back and look at things objectively. Christmas is going to be a challenge for all of us but you’ll see that if there’s one thing the guys on here like it’s a challenge!!!
Best of luck, look forward to catching up again soon


You’re in exactly the same boat as me up here in Cumbria - I’m also a father of two, 32, although weigh a little less. I should just say that being a dad, and particularly one that’s keen to be involved is KNACKERING so it’s not a surprise to put on a few pounds and have bugger-all willpower to resist. I’m going on the journey too so good luck and we’ll both get there together!


I’m also a father of 2, bit older than you (47) but started around the same weight in October 2015. I don’t really work in kgs or lbs but waist/ chest size is down 8-9 inches in that time. My method was/is exercise. Until a couple of months ago I would have said it was without diet however I’ve learned on here that as I’m normally in calorie deficit that I am indeed dieting (although not in the normal sense, nothing’s forbidden). I would recommend the posts of @maxnas who knows a thing or 2 & his videos are essential viewing.

As a father it is so worth it. I can do so much more with the kids, running climbing & generally being a big kid myself rather than sitting watching & letting them get on with it. I can’t put a price on that & if there was no other reason that makes it all worth it.


@Phil_Geldart we’re pretty similar. I’m 32, have twin boys and also tired of being tired of being overweight. Happy I found this site.


34 year old father, just found the weight was creeping up over the years. Since I found out about MvF, I have really kicked on with eating a lot better and objectively.

I was at my heaviest at 17 stone, but I’m 5 foot 7, so it was not a healthy mix. I have dropped 2 stone since September, and some jean sizes in the process, however I am about to kick on another gear with MvF in Manchester this month. I really did miss the competition and social aspect of regular football.