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Hi all,

My name is Alan and I am new to this. I am 36 years old from Dublin but livintage in Wales since 2001.

I am currently 196lbs. I’ve always been active and love sports but also love my food. I eat healthy meals but my portion control is way wrong.

I’ve read all the books, even got a nutrition qualification but just can’t get my weight down.

I’m here to change myself for the better. I want to get into a 32 jeans again, currently flirting with 34 to 36.




Hi Alan, welcome on board! Glad to have you here. Interesting your trying to get back to a size 32 jeans…I’ve just got back to a 36 and I’m flirting with a 34! That’s from 40 in January!

So you’ve come to the right place if you want to lose weight. You’ll find a bunch of guys, a bucketful of support and a heapful of learning coming your way. We’ve all read the books, got the T shirt etc, but it never seems to work - but it does here.

Best thing you can do is join 30 day MVFIA group, and get going. It’s a free, secret group in this forum that you join with other men who are all posting what they’ve eaten, drunk and done during the day (two posts a day) and you keep each other on track. Think of it like the MyFitnessPal that will call your bluff when you tell it you only ate lettuce all day. Join a group for free here.

Just dive in and on you go…you’ll soon get the hang of it…and the weight will soon start to drop.

Good luck.

Welcome Al! You made it!

Second what @Big_Fella said - the MVFIA group really helps but we’re also just finishing the big start here post so you could take a look at that (and give us feedback, that would be cool!)

I totally meant to link it - The ultimate new member welcome post

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You are in the right place ,the advice you get from these guys here is better than anything will ever get ,all true tales about the battle with weight loss and how to overcome hurdles

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@alanmonks2010 this is a great group! I’m so glad they accepted me even though I’m halfway around the world. This site is amazing for accountability, motivation, inspiration, and there is so much knowledge to be had! Welcome, and enjoy!

Within the new Joiner request 5 posts, does that mean 5 posts in this thread or 5 separate posts of different topics?

Hey Alan. Best of luck from a fellow Dubliner. I’m in a similar boat to yourself, though a bit more to lose. Currently size 40 jeans. Would like to get down to 34/36.

Brilliant. Where in Dublin? You been on here for long?

Hey Alan… from Lucan originally…and yourself?. Just joined to be honest.

Dundrum originally. Left in 2001

Hi @alanmonks2010. The 5 posts can be here, on other posts, or a mixture. Where you make the posts isn’t as important as actually making them.