New League Spring 2019



Hi there,

This is going to be a bit of a rant about last season to get it off my chest so I can go into the new season without this sitting in the back of my mind.

3 of my family members and myself signed up last season for MVF Football at Bexhill, the first part of the season was good, playing games, getting scores, then it went downhill a lil, the coach left/was removed people were coming and playing who were not registered and i guess they got a kick out of running rings round a bunch of fat blokes.

By the end of the season most people had stopped bothering to turn up and the whole thing became a shambles, matches were being changed or teams were just a mixture of the two top teams from the pitch league and it was very demoralizing, infact at the end of the season i put on weight due to the depression i was having with what was going on and the way I felt just like cannon fodder and no one knew what was going on.

Then our new coach joined, Philipe, he started straight away making sure those who were playing were registered and even had a confrontation with a couple of the non members playing.

On Friday was registration, and there was a noticeable decline in members, but I do feel the actual people who turned up are there for the weight loss, play football and to meet some new people, not to just get a buzz out of running around a bunch of fat blokes as i said earlier, having had Ben actually do the registration as the Coach was at some sort of training it was refreshing to see that they are looking forward and the lack of numbers hasn’t put them off running MvF at Bexhil.

I am looking forward to the new year and hope to not only push myself further but also enjoy playing.

Bring on Spring 2019 season and good luck to all players!




Firstly check you facts before spouting off.

I was registered and had paid up in full and had weighed in every week for 3 seasons.

The reason why I challenged the coach was that he decided to walk past 9-10 other fellas all for the same team who had not weighed in yet did not say a word to them and they were waiting for their game whilst ours was going ahead.

The previous week I attended early just after 7.00 however the coach did not arrive until 7.30 or thereafter and then the weigh in took ages and we nearly missed our kick off. Therefore I decided that I was not going to attend early and stand around.

Our game on the night in question was moved forward to 8.00 as I arrived. Again due to the disorganised Man v Fat and lack of support for the League.

In regards to your moan about player turning up for other teams perhaps we should have just gone home and left you to play with yourselves and let games go unfulfilled.

I seem to remember that some of the Blacks went home because they couldnt play the earlier game.

Again, the player allocation is down to Man v Fat not the players.

Great to see that Ben managed to get his backside down there, however perhaps that should have been done weeks ago.

The whole sorry episode is proof that if you dont listen to your customers they will leave.

Good luck for season 4.


Absoloutly right Scott and well said.

For the best part of 3 seasons many of us have been messed about by mvf with either poor admin or a lack of support.

The lack of interest for season 4 is all down to mvf not looking after the customers that made the league what it was.

Allot of us needed support beyond just a game of football, that was never what friday nights were about. Allot of bexhills players were fighting demons, some only leaving the house to seek the support of the mvf family.

As that support evaporated over the last few weeks but the money kept going out, and no one ever stopped paying i can assure of that, so the only thing we got for our money was a game of football, which allot of the guys needed to release the demons and laugh and smile for half an hour.

Mvf was good to me, i lost 11kg over 3 seasons but towards the end of season 3 it became a huge dissppointment.

Adam, your right to voice your opinion and in some respects i appreciate where your coming from but in others your views are incorrect and
to some degree disrepectful.

I wish you well for season 4 but you cannot judge those that have endured the wavering support for 3 seasons.


I am not in anyway disrespecting people who were paying but hadn’t weighed in, and if that was the case then i retract that statement, its just the fact that there were people who would come along and play but not be paying or not be part of the whole thing.

When i signed up I was told that you would be supported for weight loss and also having a game of football to help get some exercise, but the main part was getting support for weight loss, coming in to get weighed, go out on the pitch and play football isn’t supportive, they never checked the book to see how you were doing and ways to improve ect.

I am sorry if my original post seemed more directed at players but it was more directed at the lack of structure and lack of support from MvF.


They will continue and attract new players with a seasons free play and mass marketing. However, the people who where there in season 1 & 2 know there’s only one reason the league was so successful. Now look at what it’s has become since he was forced out. MvF give duck all about you or your weight as they offer no nutritional or dietary advice, only an account number and sort code you can send your payment to…


At the top of this Forum is a search bar type in Nutrition & See what you find!


Nothing like getting advice of a website from (some) people who are not qualified. What about onsite advice in your league on a personal one to one bases. Maybe personalised plans for you not the masses. I lost 5 stone in season 1 & 2 and not once did MvFF offer any advice. It was the coach who helped me onsite and not MvFF.


Well done on your weight loss. Not all leagues have fully trained nutritionist & Dieticians as coaches those that do are blessed, my first coach at Shoreditch had been through a big weight loss himself & my first one at Leyton was excellent at that sort of stuff as was my coach at Borehamwood too, my current coach at Leyton lacks that side of things though & it shows in the progress of some players who are struggling to lose with little advice offered on a match day hence the purpose of this forum. ManvFat is a progressive business that is learning new ways to help people all the time.


I just hope season 4 will be a success, I lost 44 1/2lbs last season, topped the weight loss charts, and we won the league. I love manvfat and I hope that those that are not happy, will give it another go


Hi all,

I’m new to the site and looking at joining a ManvFat league in High Wycombe. I’m looking forward to this as I was always playing footy at school and years after into my late 20’s early 30’s in 6 a side leagues. At present though having a 2 year old to look after around a busy schedule is challenging but I can never find the excuse to go out running or get to a gym! It’s a shame to see a few negative comments on this forum and that it appears it’s maybe not run quite as smoothly. If I’m putting forward £25 a month to lose the weight doing something I’m passionate about, I’m gonna make sure I turn up every week👍🏻


For what we get i think 25 a month is abit steep , as all we got was turn up weigh and play football , if you had put weight on 1 week no help was offered to see what you could improve on , im hoping this season will be better but who knows ,


Hi Everyone,

I saw this thread as it was the only one I could find about the Bexhill one so far! (I’m new to this so still trying to find things!)

I wasn’t there at registration but I signed up online and emailed the coach, Filip and then signed up. He then invited me to come and play on Friday. I’m looking to lose some weight and meet some new people so looking forward to meeting you all if you’re going to be playing on Friday.

Pete :slight_smile:


Hi Pete,

Welcome to the Bexhill League :smiley: don’t let the contents of this thread deter you from coming to lose weight and play some football! We are all pumped up ready for a great and fun season!

We have this great system where its rolling subs, so if you do 5 minutes then want to come off to rest then come back on its encouraged! We wouldn’t want you to over do it.

Which team have you been placed in? I am in OB City the black team :slight_smile:



i would echo Chalkie, i am in season 7 at our league (lode heath) and we get good support and advice from the coach and the support from the team is immense and definitely makes it all worth while