New lost member!

Looking to shift some fat, I joined the group last year and lost a lot of inspiration at the time, after refinding myself I feel like I can focus on getting myself back to a healthy weight. I’m currently sitting at 25 stone meaning I’ve got a alot to shift before I come a healthy weight. I’m not expecting a miracle (but it would be nice), I know this is a gradual process. I’m currently using the “lose it” app to monitor my calories and ensuring I’m 1000 calories below my TDEE. Just wondering if many people who have had success with this. Or people who are/was similar size to me and what they are doing? Any advice is welcome.

Hi Jamie

What’s your plan?..I’m fresh back to MvF but I’m not going route of monthly forums as too many drop out, from my past experience.

I absolutely KNOW how to shift the weight I need to lose…if you’d like to buddy-up and by that means I know I will get more motivated, let me know. Plenty of resources to point you toward, starting on YouTube for immediate engagement.



Hi Stick,

My plan at the moment is to ensure that my intake of calories is lower than my outgoing amount. I know that I will lose weight slowly but I’m looking at this being a life style change.

If your able to keep me going and keep me motivated then I will be more than happy to buddy-up as I will do the same for you, I can see that we both need to lose a different amount, but I guess we are both aiming for the same goal. I guess my shortfall is I’ve always felt more life a yo-yo dieter than actually looking at sustaining my weight loss so I’m trying to look at this in a completely different way. So time to get a healthy future.