New MAN v FAT project I need your help with


We’re looking at putting together a dashboard/web app type thing which would allow you to track several elements of your weight and I really wanted to get your thoughts on it as we put together what it will include.

The rough idea is that it would give you a unique access page where you could log your weight and health metrics and it would return a number of stats and data that you could track and visualise.

It would also have a number of functions that would pull together the idea of a MAN v FAT membership. So we’d have exclusive offers for members on the page, you could get progress emails which would help with motivation and you could also access a number of content blocks such as food and drink tracking, goal setting, mental health support, etc.

I suppose it’s a bit like MFP but without the calorie counting. I know lots of guys calorie count but I just can’t see the value in re-inventing that particular wheel - MFP do that really well and for free!

What I’d like to know is what sort of data you’d like to see? What would help? What kind of tools would be useful? What sort of member benefits would you want?

As an aside MVF will always be free but this would be a premium product that users could choose to take on if it helped them.

I use MFP and it’s pretty good for that sort of dashboard view.
What it doesn’t do is tell me how well I’m doing in relation to my peer group. I see the MvF unique element as the measurements from the rest of the MvF population, my local footie league and even my team. I don’t need the details of each person, just an average for each peer group.


So in effect you can see how you’re doing against the rest of the MVF world?

Yep, gameify weight loss, allow MVFIA groups, team groups, league groups and global groups

Could gameifying weight loss be potentially dangerous? Turning it into a competition could pose risks for some individuals who go on to over do it at the gym or follow a very restrictive diet.

I like the collaborative, supportive ethos of the forum and feel that this would diminish that somewhat.

Tough one. Between MFP, Strava and the forum I feel I have all i need, but we all need different things! I like the idea of one central link to all these things - link to MFP groups and Strava groups perhaps, in addition to the things you suggest. Making the rest of the site more… struggling to find the right word - usable, accessible, attractive are not what I’m trying to say - I think quite a lot of us use the forum only, and wouldn’t necessarily think of exploring the rest of the site on anywhere near the same frequency or level. Something to remind us there’s lots more to it?
Sorry. Best I can manage just now. Will do some thinking.

That’s a fair point, perhaps temper it a little to teams, I personally would like to know how I’m benchmarking against everyone else

That’s what I’m thinking @admin

If you could scrape/API data from MFP, Strava etc. and add that, MvF could be the only place to show everything in one place and could add to the ability to compare.

Perhaps there’s the potential to incorporate some AI to help identify those of us whose interest/motivation may be waning or who may be struggling to shift the weight and serve us articles, tips, hints, guidance on what to do to get back in the game. It may also serve as a safety net to catch those who are overdoing the calorie restriction/exercising and in danger of damaging their health.

Gamification is powerful - after all that’s how the footie works. I agree with making it a team game and you could go so far as to adopt the ice skating methodology where the best and worst scores are removed and the remaining scores averaged to get a final score.

There could be other ways to slice the data for the dashboard too. By age might be interesting, by region, by start weight, by start BMI…

As a final thought (for now), whilst the visualisations will be important, in my mind, the ability to personalise the experience and to offer the right kind of help at the right time would be where I think you could deliver the most value.