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Hi All,

I’m new here and have just seen the group on BBC Breakfast. I’m 47 and weigh 110Kgs. I was diagnosed with heart failure last summer and lost just over 20kgs in a 4 week period mainly due to not eating for a few weeks with my illness and shedding a load of accumulated fluid while on heavy doses of diuretics (losing 10kg overnight merely by going for a pee being a quite spectacular highlight). I’ve been gradually putting weight on since being discharged from hospital, some is rebuilt muscle but most is fat and I want to reverse things and get to a healthy weight. I no longer drink or smoke since my diagnosis and have started running and going to the gym but my diet isn’t anywhere near as good as it should be.

Mainly after tips and motivation help and hopefully be able to contribute back while I’m here.



Hi Rich,
Welcome to MANvFAT!

I think the best start is for you to check out our new members post here:

That gives a wealth of information to get you started - then it might be worthwhile checking out one of our 30 days accountability groups here:


Welcome aboard, quite a journey you’ve been on so far, I’m relatively new here but am finding getting into one of the 30 day groups has given me better motivation than I was managing alone.


Thanks Nimrag,

Yep, it’s been an eventful 12months but has resulted in me enjoying exercise for the first time in my life. Did my first 5k park run at the end of April. If I can shift the excess weight then I’ll be happy! I intend doing one of the 30day groups as they sounds really helpful!