New MVFIA team gets to work

Team Paul (really got to work on these team names:) commences tomorrow -

@Jeremy, @19MTB74, @PenninePaul, @Keith_Martin @samuelherring

we wish you the best of luck…


Good luck guys. I know you can all achieve great things.

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Indeed if I can do it so can you

Loving the picture @admin - made me chuckle

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I think this will give me a boost: I’m over half a stone down in fifteen days and I think I’ve sorted out my food planning, even to take account of my job which can be weird hours and traveling around the country.

I already feel better, I’ve dropped a belt notch and am really up for this! I’m just going with altering food at the moment whilst I work out how to fix increased activity into it.

And MVF is helping!


Incidentally, my name is Michael!

I didn’t get chance to post in the thread yesterday about my overall goal - it is to lose +10lbs in 30days. I’ve done over half a stone in two weeks, hoping I can sustain that whilst being fully aware weight loss may tail off after an initial phase. I am to be getting more active by next week to assist the process!

Breakfast today has been two scrambled eggs in one toast, fat free Greek style yoghurt with blueberries, a cup of coffee and a pint of water. I’ve packed a banana and an apple for a snack this morning and I have homemade spicy tomato soup with three crackers for lunch. There will be several more pints of water by lunch too. Estimate around total calories is c900.

I’ll post on food for the other end of the day, later tonight and. I have about another 900 to play with.

Good luck guys!

Good stuff @19MTB74 don’t forget to post in your mvfia group though:

Sorry, I thought this was it! :smiley:

I own an iPhone and an iPad - truth be told, I struggle with light switches and microwaves. :+1:t3:

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Good luck!!

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