New, need to lose about 100 pounds

Hello. New here, obviously. I need some motivation and support to get myself back on track. I’ve put on close to 8 stone/100 pounds in about 2 years. I went from a very healthy weight and being very active to being unhealthy, sedentary, and very unhappy about it.

Two years ago yesterday, in fact, I had a bad bicycle accident and ended up with orthopedic injuries and had four surgeries in about 15 months to repair things.

I remember being in the hospital trauma center a few hours after the accident, and saying to myself that, whatever happens, I wouldn’t put on weight or let an accident get me off track. I’d worked very hard for a number of years to get healthy and stay that way. But, of course, that is what happened, I went completely off the path.

I have not been eating right, or exercising, and my attitude is terrible.

So, I’m here to try and reboot myself.

Thanks in advance.