New person giving it a go

Hello Everyone!

I am a 52 year old from an Anglo-American family. I saw an article about MvF in the Telegraph and thought I’d give it a try. I have struggled against weight and poor eating habits all of my life, and frankly, I’m sick of my baggy clothes and the general unfit state of myself.
I tried a supervised diet last year (ideal protein) and I lost a tremendous amount of weight but suffered every single day from awful, powdered food. When I came off the diet, I tried to do one pushup, and my arms could not even hold my body up for one second. Unfortunately, the weight was soon back since I did not teach myself to make long term adjustments and I did not overcome my sweet tooth. Utterly demoralizing!
I have made great progress lately. I put myself on weight watchers, I’m exercising everyday, and I’ve eliminated some of my worst habits; diet coke, donuts, not eating fruit and veg. I realize that for me to be successful, I need to be accountable to others. My wife is a pretty good accountability partner, but she’s not a male which is why I am falling in love with this site.
My current weight is 15.5 stone and I am 69 inches tall. My short-term goal is to cut 2 stone in 3 months.


Welcome to the group.
Long term adjustments are definitely the aim of the game and it’s good to see you have recognised that.

Welcome - good to have you on here. Those powder things are horrible, it shows you’ve got a pretty good streak of determination if you kept to them. As you say though, it’s probably more sensible to make proper changes you can stick to for life.

Take a look at the post about MVFIA groups at the top of the board and that’s where you’ll get your insane accountability from.

Welcome - great decision to join the site. If you can get onto a 30 day group go for it. It really helps to encourage accountability to yourself and helps you make better decisions about what you are eating and drinking. Good luck.

MVFIA is the way forwards!

I’ve only just joined last week. Already I can see there is a lot of encouragement from people, I’ve been thrown into a MVFIA group and am raring to go, I have a sweet tooth and consumed lots of diet coke and rubbish food. Get signed up for the next round of MVFIA and i’m sure you’ll benefit.

Sounds like you taken some great steps and joing MVF is another. We are all behind you and I hope that you can get involved in MVFIA and our other discussions

Welcome. Lots of good advice and encouragement here. You can do this. If we can help at all, let us know.

You’re already off to a good start - just keep plugging away. It’s a marathon - not a sprint.

Although it’s good to have the three month target, bear in mind this should be a long term project! As you’ve said you know what you should and shouldn’t do, but from personal experience I’ve found it takes longer to condition the body to yearn for those healthy foods rather than bad stuff! Good luck in your journey and try mvfia.

Welcome along and best of luck with your journey :slight_smile: