New person


Anybody in the Blackburn league I’ve just signed up but registration was on 5th does it matter and what do I do from here


Just get involved with the forums mate. You can also join an online group:

I did this before my season started. It helps you prepare mentally to some extent. Just even start trying to do some exercise/build up a routine to help you shed the pounds. The routine will be what you want to do alongside playing MvF

Good luck mate!


I’ve just been told by someone on chat that Blackburn league doesn’t start until next year


I can confirm that the Blackburn league has currently been pushed back until Jan now as we are not quite at the required numbers to kick the league off as yet.


Venue: Powerleague Soccerdome Blackburn, BB1 2EE
09/01/2019 19:30

More details here: