New player for Doncaster

Hi All,
I have just joined the waiting list for the Doncaster League.
Just wanted to say hi and that I can’t wait to start.


Hi Andy, have you been to a session yet? If so which team did you join? Have you joined the leagues facebook page yet? Cheers. Paul

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Not yet. I was waiting for the email to say to start.
Yeah I’ve joined the fb page.

great, hopefully you will hear something this week, if not I would suggest just coming next week for 6:30pm and Dave should be able to sort you out and get you started.
not sure what team you will be in, would think it will be either Green or Black as they have been short on players, but we have had a few new players start recently so not sure
Are you local to Doncaster? do you know where the location is? If you have any questions would suggest putting details on the facebook page and any of the lads on there will be happy to help out if they can

Nice one Paul.
I live around the corner. Only 15 min walk.

Hi all, I Got my email this afternoon. I’m in the green team. Doncaster InterKebabs!

great, have you been advised what time you are playing/need to be there on Monday?

6 o’clock Dave is doing a W&a. Ko is at 7:30.

Thanks Paul

great, hope you enjoy it, welcome to the league

Thanks. Me too. I’ve not played since I was at school. So will be rather rusty

am sure you will get back into it pretty quickly, just take the first game as steady as you can, you’ll probably be blowing a lot quicker then you think, but after a couple of games it gets easier. The games can get quite competitive too, you should enjoy it though, don’t think there are many that don’t

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I’ve just signed up too. On the waiting list, happy enough to come down and watch on Monday and get a feel for things.

Is the league relatively new ? I’ve not played for a few years and can’t wait to get back into it.

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No worries, I played my first game last week. Much harder than I remember! Lol.

Yeah I’m sure you would be able to come down and have a look. Everyone seems friendly.

i would come down and bring your kit too as you may well be able to play

I might suggest a green top as we only had 6 last week. And apparently are usually short if numbers. But don’t take this as gospel.

thanks for the replies, i’ll get myself down :+1:

have you played at Rossington before, are you aware of what trainers/boots you will need? weigh-ins start at 6:30pm with the first game kicking off at 7pm, you might need to be there for 6:30 as don’t know which team you will be going into it, think it will be greens but Dave will tell you on the night, hope you enjoy it, sure you will, during the first game you might think that you are going to die/pass out, but it gets better really quickly, good luck

Thanks Paul, It’s been about 10 years since i’ve been up to the pitches at Rossington, do you go straight through to the pitches or to the changing rooms ? I’ll get there for 6:30.

I’ve got a pair of astroturf trainers and some boots suitable for astroturf so i should be ok on that side of things it’s the fitness aspect i’m worrying about. Like you say it’ll get better but i know i’ll be blowing after the first minute as it stands.

as you walk into the building the reception desk is on the right, behind the reception there are some stairs that go upstairs where there is another reception type area, this is where we all meet up before the games, there will be people there already so you should be able to find it,
you will need to get weighed and measured and then you shoudl be good to go,
some people wear trainers and others wear boots, depends on the type of boots as to if they will give you enough grip
wouldn’t worry about the fitness, if you haven’t done much for a while then for the first game you may struggle, but will soon get there, problem is that a lot of the other players have been doing this for a while, this is the third season, but you have to start somewhere
hopefully your team will ha ve plenty of subs so if you are blowing you should be able to swap with someone
good luck with it anyway, hopefully see you on Monday