New season in West Brom week 1

Scales smashed in week 1 104kg lost in first week and that’s with some players only recording registration weigh in this week.

The task I set last week coupled with the weight loss pairs is helping with some great results. Here’s the task for those that need a reminder

54 players out of 60 attending tonight’s session great numbers.
Really high percentage filling books in aswell for the tracking goals.

New top and new team name for the team formerly know as kebaberdeen. We have Man Titty looking smart in there new tops

Welcome to Kristofer parr and Karl brooks who joined this week.

Captains shout outs for the week

Ryan motm for Man Titty - score 2 on the pitch and 2kg Weight loss!
Stu White man of the match great pitch game also great loss on scales all team recorded a loss on scales onto next week :+1:t2:

Salad dodgers The whole team for us 1st time playing each other and kept it single figures :+1:.

The leftovers Lee Clarke vocal all game and a weight loss great start

Dan B MOTM For PSV a loss and scored on the pitch

Rhys vice captain voted as player of week for best sandwich Albion with a nice pitch goal and a weight loss to go with it

Couple things to highlight from myself this week

Well done to salad dodgers lot of players new to league getting used to pitch rules and even team mates names against more established squads but all contributed with a weight loss and handbooks filled in, the pitch comes easier over time and more contributing off it the easier it gets on it.

Also a great pitch performance I hear from Stu white in defence for fatzio.