New season @west Bromwich

Hi West Brom league
We’ve just weighed in and are embarking on week one I just gunna share a few things I am changing to get the results back I need …

  1. Stopping fizzy drinks having more water and juice
  2. Tracking my foods via Fitbit and Manvfat booklet
  3. Going to stop take out food
  4. Trying to stay busy around the house rather than sit around waiting and thinking about snacks
  5. I keep looking at start pics around 1.5 years ago and it helps me think not going back there…

Maybe this helps anyone or anyone want to share ideas

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Well done Paul. I have just signed up for the West Brom League and hope I can see the same results. A bit of advice if you don’t mind. I have just registered and can see the league is already live. Is it a case that I turn up on this Monday? Look forward to seeing you all then

@nglover1979 is the admin coach for us …
When did you sign up ? Did you attend the registration on Monday just gone
If need they will be in touch arrange for you to be allocated a team and start date