New Starter - Derby



Hi, My name is Alex and im in need of some serious help and motivation.

Growing up i was as active as ever and also tall for my age, this helped me look a lot leaner than i probably was.

Since leaving school and becoming slightly less active than before and the fact i stopped growing at 5’11 and being a compulsive snacker, i have now piled on the pounds.

I have just returned off holiday from the USA where eating is never an issue, but now i am home, im determined to do something about it. Lose a bit of weight before Christmas and then carry it onto next year so i can get back to my old happy self.

All help and comments would be greatly appreciated!



All you need to know in 1 post!


Hi I’m a new starter also for Derby. Looking forward to it all.


I’m. A new starter aswell number 2 on the waiting list​:joy::see_no_evil:


Hi everyone! Slow Coaches FC start next week at Derby.

Really hoping this goes well, the football and weight loss. It’s been 20 years since I’ve played and 15 years of yo-yo’ing with my weight. Hoping MvF will finally be the motivation I need for a lifestyle change