New Starter... Gained Weight?


Hi everyone.
I started MvF around 4 weeks ago now. I’ve been playing the matches every week, and getting out to do other bits of exercise too, as well as keeping at about 1700 calories per day.
Unfortunately, I’m missing this week’s match, so weighed myself at home… I’ve somehow gone from my starting weight of 129.5 kg, up to 131.1 kg… Any ideas how or why this has happened?
I feel better, my clothes are already fitting better, but the scales have gone up.

At the moment, I’ve put it down to muscle gain, due to my general build… But could it be something else? Need a bit of reassurance here :joy:


Could just be your scales mate. My scales give me a totally different reading to the ones at MVF and the ones at the gym


Most likely explanatipn is just different scales, but could also be impacted by time of day, fluid intake (1.6kg is just 1.6litres of water) or just what you’re wearing.


Always trust the same scales at the same time of day. The MANVFAT scales will be calibrated. I can weigh 3 kilos at different times of the week depending water and food. Keep your food diary honest and do the right things and the weight loss or fitness will follow mate.


Your weight can shift between 2-3 kgs at any time during the day depending on food / water etc. Use your home scales as a guide and rely on the mvf scales to record your weight.


When you say bits of exercise what have you been doing? The reason I ask is that muscle weighs more than fat, so any weights you’ve done will probably contribute.
If your clothes are fitting better that’s great, but don’t let the gain get you down! Just keep going for next week!


Cheers guys.
The exercise has been 3 sessions of football per week, as well as physiotherapy on my shoulder, using weights