New to MvF from Norfolk

Hello All.

Looking to get rid of some lbs and this looks like a good place to start. Am I right?

Tips welcome.

Hi mate,

Welcome to the forum. I’ve just completed my first season of MVF in Oxford, and here are just a few of my take aways from the season.

  1. Accountability. Being part of a team, and knowing your weight loss contributes towards your result has been super powerful. Use WhatsApp and talk to your team. One of my team mates is on the Keto diet, and talking to him about it really opened my eyes to a different way of dieting/life style. So after about week 3, I started a Keto based diet and have lost nearly 12% of my body weight since the start of the season
  2. Have fun. If you can mix your weight loss journey with fun, you are so much more likely to stick to it. I have always been fiercely competitive, and MVF really scratched that itch for me.
    3)Track.Track and track your food. No matter what diet or lifestyle you have, track your calorie intake, or your macros. It’s eye opening how a bottle of coke here, or an chocolate bar there can add thousands of calories per week.
  3. Just do it. I had personally talked about joining my local league for months and months before actually taking the plunge.Best decision I’ve ever made. I’m 34, and at the lowest weight and point of fitness I’ve ever had(still a way off where I would like to be mind you). You’ve done the hard part by joining. So go out and have fun mate :slight_smile:


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Sound advice. No excuses from now on.

Good Afternoon Knott,

I’m Dan Church, league coach for Norwich.

If you navigate the forum, we have a designated thread for the Norwich MANvFAT members ( MAN v FAT Football Norwich League )

If you would like any advice or information, please feel free to drop me a message.

Kind Regards

Dan Church
MANvFAT Norwich Coach

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