New to the group



Hi all

I’ll be joining the group starting Tuesday; can’t wait!

Any tips on what I need to wear/bring with me please?

Much appreciated.



Hello @atb88!

Venue: 100 Oliver Rd, Leyton Orient, E10 5JY
18/09/2018 19:30

As it’s the Registration week at Leyton, you just need to appear at that location and a little bit before this time in your normal work or casual clothes. There is no football on that session, it’s just an introduction to the league, and your team mates.


Perfect, cheers!


We usually have a kick about after registration mate as the pitch is booked. So if you fancy joining us bring your kit with you :+1:t4:


Sounds good.

Kit wise, what do you recommend?


I would have thought some boots good enough to play on astro turf/3G surface, shirt, shorts, socks and shinpads.


Thanks for the help.

Do you know if these boots will suffice?


Personally I would have said that sort of sole is an indoor only boot. Think school gym kind of floor.


Hi @atb88 - using your link, I can see you need a Size 13 boot, they do the same style boot in “Firm Ground” which is what most players wear when playing on 3 or 4G pitches:-

I would also recommend going to a sports shop and trying on a Size 13 boot, as not all boots wear the same, it’s always best to check before putting the money down.


Brilliant, cheers mate.


Hi is this league still active? looking to join up as a GK! cheers


Yep, week 5 starts tonight. I’m in Spain so won’t be there. My team, E10 Less are after a GK!

Register here:

I’ve got a code you can use to get a discount for registering: BOLAND5849 - think I get a fiver as well!

We play at Ive Farm Sports Centre (E10 5TQ), would recommend getting there for 7pm, first game is 7:30pm, parking isn’t great currently if you drive, tube is about 10 minutes away by foot.

Register now and change your life for the better!


Excellent referral work there @atb88!


Just noticed you’re a bluenose as well. Is right, lad! :blue_heart:


Did you end up getting those boots in the end? I’ve bought some adidas Copas in black with red on the back, they are a lovely comfy boot to wear.


Got these ones, mate. Really comfy!


You can’t lose with some 3 stripes!


Thanks @atb88 I was meant to come yesterday to check it all out but got ask to do a last minute shift in spoons!

do I have to wait for the registration week to come around in order for me to play or if I just sign up today I can start playing next week?

that venue is about 40 mins to an hour depending what public transport I take as I don’t drive but I don’t mind making the journey once a week

good to find another toffee since I moved here! COYB are you a scouser yourself @atb88?


btw do you guys play indoor or outdoor? astroturf I assume?


You can register any time. If every team is full, you get put on to a waiting list and don’t pay until you play.

I walk to and from the station or get a lift sometimes, where abouts do you stay?

I’m Irish, got taken to a game when I was a kid and fell in love. COYB!

We play on a 3G/4G surface so outdoor boots with plastic studs are best - the ones I’ve posted above are perfect. You’ll need shin pads and shorts as well. Once you get put into a team, you’ll be told what shirt colour you need to bring.