New to the group



Adidas fanboy! :raising_hand_man:t2:


im located in hackey

I should be able to sign up and keep my Tuesday nights free once I sort my rota out for work but im deffo going to sign up and get stuck into it!

thanks for all the advice @atb88 much appreciated :slight_smile:


just signed up! looking to meeting you guys! :smiley: @atb88 used your referral code as well lad so you should get a fiver coming your way :smiley:


Top man, see you tomorrow!

You know which team you’re in yet?


I wont be able to do tomorrow because of work! I wasn’t able to give enough notice but next weeks rota isn’t done yet so il be sure its free :smiley: erm im in the whats app group but no idea what team im in yet!


Fair enough, mate. Fingers crossed you’re E10 Less.


I have a pair of bright yellow Copa, and a red pair with white at the back. Wear the yellow ones most.


All heroes wear 3 stripes.


Any idea how long until i get told what team im in/kit colours etc? Ive asked the admins in the whatsapp group and they have said they will look into it but ive not heard anything for a while?

Just eager to start playing!


I’ve just asked, mate, I’ll let you know.


Hi, can I still join this league? This seems like a really good idea, do you get many people doing it at Leyton. Cheers. Lloyd


You can join any time during the season although I’m not currently sure what the waiting list is like, or even if there is one.

We’ve just finished week 7 and our last game is January 8th due to Christmas and New Year so plenty of time left to shift a few pounds.

Register here:

I’ve got a code you can use to get a discount for registering (you get half off the joining fee and I get a fiver for the referral): BOLAND5849

Hope to see you there soon!


I have just paid my registration fees for Leyton Orient.
How long does it take until you get to play.
Many thanks


Hi mate, glad to have you with us.

I’m not sure how long the waiting list is, if there is one. The coach will be in touch with you once there’s a space for you to join a team.

We play on Tuesday nights, I’d recommend you come down this Tuesday between 7:00 and 9:30pm and have a look at what goes on, you may even get a call before then where you’ll be told what colour shirt you need.

Firm ground boots and shin pads are recommended, not sure you can play without shin pads, I dunno.

We’re at Ive Farm Sports Ground, looking forward to seeing you there.


Thanks for the reply.
What do you mean regarding the boots ?.


Scroll up a bit and you’ll see what I mean, basically plastic studded boots. We play on a 4G surface (I think).


Nice one just seen them.
Will wait for a call before shelling out on boots and pads.

Probably see you Tuesday though playing or not


Fair enough, mate, look forward to it!


You always need shin pads, for any match! You are correct with everything else though, the coach contacts new sign ups from the waiting list to allocate them into a team.


Hopefully the WhatsApp interaction today has cleared up everything ready for you. See you tomorrow night