New to the group



Hi all. I’m a newbie. Just signed up for the Leyton league.
How do I get involved? Does anyone have any advice? Or next steps?
Thanks. :+1:t2:


Hi, mate, glad you’ve joined us!

We play Tuesday nights at Ive Farm Sports Ground starting at 7pm. Make sure you’ve got shin pads and whatever colour t-shirt Samy (the coach) tells you when he gets in touch.

I’m not sure where we’re up to with numbers, you’ll either be playing next Tuesday or you’ll be added to a waiting list - Samy will let you know before Tuesday evening.

I’d recommend firm ground boots (see above) but they’re not compulsory, just don’t wear metal studs as we play on a 4G surface.

If you’re not put straight into a team, come down on Tuesday evening anyway and watch. We’ve got 2 games left before Christmas and our final game is on 8th January.

Will be good to see you there!


Thank you, that’s all really helpful. So, do you mean the season ends on Jan 8? I imagine it’ll get pretty cold after that, so makes sense.

Otherwise I’ll wait to hear from Samy.


Yeah, there’ll be a week break, maybe two, I’m not sure, then it’ll be registration for the next season.

Games will start the week after registration and there’ll be 14 weeks of them.


I’m covering whilst Samy is on holiday, I will get you into a team ASAP.


Hello gents,

Do you still have spaces available for the league starting on the 22nd?


Hi @Cave_Johnson - Register onto the league and you can be assigned to a team by the coaches!


Have registered now - it says there’s a wait list? When do we find out about teams etc?


Hello @Cave_Johnson - Your coach will get in direct contact with you when you’ve been given a place on a team.


Registration is on Tuesday the 22nd you will be assigned to a team then.

We have a Bring a friend week this Tuesday if you want a little taster.


Thanks! I will come along tomorrow.