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Hi everyone. I’m new to this and have just signed up to the Colchester leagues football. I live and breathe football and need to lose weight so I saw this and thought it is a fantastic idea combining the two together.

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@Danfox23 welcome! Between the forums and the football, the accountability will be amazing! Good luck on your journey!

@Danfox23 Hi there, welcome, good luck on the weight loss and enjoy your football! :slight_smile:

Welcome! Good luck!

Thanks guys, how has everybody found losing weight doing this? I know most of it is down to me but do you find it helps talking to other people about it? I’m quite a shy guy so find it hard talking about it

@Danfox23 get involved in a 30 day mvfia group asap. That way it’s not public, but you have a good group of guys for accountability!

Welcome. As @pisces316 says the best thing you can do is try a MVFIA group.

Also have a read of the new member post:

How do I join a mvfia group?

Just follow the link below. Its the top thread on the main page.

Read the first post and follow the instructions.

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I think @Adrian forgot to paste the link lol