New Year, New Us Challenge - starts 13th Jan Who's In?

Should start now but hell, enjoyed Xmas.
Promotion at work happens that day, so seems a good point to start at.

I know I’m a stone heavier than a month ago after getting married and Xmas… so there, you all have a week to sign up.

I’ll be in. Xmas excess nearly gone already.

Well was expecting a greater response tbh lol

Yeah pretty quiet. Should get urself in groups for accountability.

These things seem to go better if they specify a deadline to loose by.

The plan was to discuss that amongst the participants.

Anyway, I’ve started. 1800 calories today, that will do.
First goal is to be back below 100kg before my birthday on 2nd April.
Less that 1kg a week, so should be achievable, even though I have relocated to a desk job in the control room.