Newbie Fatty (not forever!)


Hi all, really hoping that I can make this work with some help from you guys.
I live just outside of Leicester and have decided that sadly the only way to get support from men in similar positions is online.
I dont know where/when or how to get into this, so anyone want to share would be grateful :slight_smile:


Hello @Sumoninja !

We do have a Man V Fat Football league that’s based in Leicester if you wanted to get some football going:-

With the Football league, you are assigned into a team with 9 other men who are overweight, who want to lose weight and want to play some football. It is great for making new friendships!

If you need anything else, please shout!


Hi mate,
I don’t play the football but I would to. I don’t live in England (but I am just fromm outside Leicester too).
There is loads of useful info here and that’s where I started off; just finding it online. The 30 day groups are useful as are the beginner’s guides…



Hi Steven, cheers for message, I have never played footie and consider myself to unable to probably play (knees etc). I might go for the meet up though. Really good that you have lost so much, I have long way to go, but gonna give it my best.


Hi , my team has a player similar knee probs but is still valued by the team ,we all support each other and his weight loss goal contribution and support is just as valuable. Good luck and make the most of the MVF community


We’re all here for you mate. Have a look at joing the 30 weight loss groups.