Newbie For Bescot League

Hey All - hope you all had a good Christmas!

Time for me to be serious about weight loss I have done so many fad diets and this combines both so looking for a team to join at bescot league ! Give me a shout

Wouldn’t get your hopes up too much. I’ve been on the waiting list for about 4/5 months without a single bit of contact since they took my sign up fee.

No idea how many others are ahead of me either so no idea how much longer I’ll have to wait.

Hate to put a downer on it because this is still something I’m excited to get involved in. Just kind of given up waiting for it.

Hey Thanks for the response

That’s pretty crap if fees have been taken and no indication given and 4/5 months is ridiculous have you tried contacting them or looked at other venues as the West Brom one is good for me also?

Pretty poor from the organisers though even worse if they have taken your money

To be fair I’ve not enquired about another one. This was closest. But if there was space in West Brom or one still fairly local I’d be up for it
Shall just have to wait and see.