Newbie from Bishop Auckland

Hi everyone, I signed up for this programme a couple of months back as I love my football and I’m in need of shedding a few pounds. I’ve been waiting ever so patiently to get going and get active again with something I enjoy.

Can people tell me how they’ve found their experiences in their respective leagues just as a teaser to see what I’m getting in to.

Thanks in advance,

Brought back here by an email notification, but I haven’t been on for weeks. Unfortunately, a once vibrant online community that helped hundreds of people has been wrecked by the chase for a few quid. MvF changed hands a while back and, as you;ll no doubt see, the only people who post here nowadays are spammers. Today, unless you’re paying your £X pounds a month, nobody is interested, certainly not the current management of Man V Fat. Promises were made to the online community about keeping things going, but they were unfortunately broken.

In terms of the football, there is a big variety across the country. there are some amazing coaches in some of the leagues, but not all. The drive to focus on the football and create links with league clubs has meant a fair few coaches that know about football, but not that much about weight loss. In my league, weekly advice to ‘eat a bit less’ wasn’t particularly helpful and certainly not worth paying the money for. I hope you manage to find a coach that is genuinely interested in weight loss and can provide more insight than I got. Good luck with it all.

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Which league were you involved in?? I’m waiting for the Shildon league to start up. Sorry you didn’t have a good experience with it all, hopefully I find it a welcoming one. Thanks for your input though, very much appreciated.