Newbie here. Hello

Hi all,

Thought I’d jump on and say hello.

I’ve really been struggling to shift weight over the last 6 months or so. Got up to my highest of 269lbs in December.

Sitting at 264lbs now but that’s without trying.

I know how weight loss works (kcals in vs kcals out) I just lack the motivation to do it. I start off with great intentions but then after a few days it just dies a death!

Hope to get involved a bit and find my mojo.

Place used to be booming til it didn’t tbh @DanChurch_RM promised so much yet It still has happened here. Shame really as there are genuine guys looking for help which is what doesn’t happen here anymore.

Ah so it’s gone dead here now? Been looking through the posts and seems like it’s dropped off the edge of a cliff, maybe they are concentrating on the football?

Only in the last few months til they neglected it. Much was made of what they had planned for it but as per usual. If you aren’t parting with cash they don’t care.

That’s a massive shame mate. I know the original founder of this place, I’m sure he would be upset to see it like this.

Do you know of any other websites or groups where I can find like minded men?

I registered for this site a few years back as an alternative

Some good support on there. Both sexes.

If you need help on here, just wave a credit card and someone will be along soon :+1: