Newbie, just need not of info


Hi all, just signed up and had an email that im on the waiting list for the Telford league. Its good news as at least i have a little time to start gettin into shape now.
Couple of things… firstly will the league contact me back when a space comes available? and what would I need to buy either now, or when the space comes up?
any info would be great. really lookin forward to this.


lookin at some of the posts i think all my questions are answered lol


Welcome Steve
Im still new to this. Im in my 3rd week

The league will contact you when you have been assigned a team, the captain of that team will then also contact you. Ours is all done via whatsapp.

You will definitely need shinpads, sports direct is cheap. Once you know what surface you are playing on you can then get your preferred footwear. I got some addidas astroturf boots from sports direct cheap enough.

Each team play in different colour tops, so once you know then just buy a cheap top to. My team plays in yellow

Good luck and enjoy




Good luck in the new season


Hi just singed up for cambridge league, what happens next…?? Any new coners in cambridfe